Keith Ellison Angry About Report Criticizing Fraudulent Somali Daycares


Somali immigrant freeloaders are defrauding the child welfare services and much of the money is going back to Somalia where many of the regions are controlled by terrorists who likely skim off the top. It is especially suspicious since the money goes back in suitcases of cash.

The Federal Terrorism taskforce is investigating the suitcases of cash in general – tons of money — staggering amounts — go back to Somalia. The investigators found that some of the refugees, the refugees with the largest amounts of cash, are on welfare benefits. No one wants to touch the story because it’s a so-called minority group.

Keith Ellison is angry, but not that the information was uncovered, but that it was reported.

Ellison, D-Minn., denounced the report and absurdly said remittances help in the fight against terrorist groups.

“Financial stability for the Somali people, both here and in Somalia, is one of our strongest protections against the terroristic threat posed by Al-Shabaab. We should be making it easier for our constituents to support their families — not impugning the community for it. Fox 9 should issue a thorough correction and apology for its irresponsible reporting.”

There are 10 open investigations and a number of closed cases, including convictions of fraudulent daycare centers operated by Somali fraudsters. A total of 13 centers have been closed so far. It’s cost Minnesota tens of millions of dollars and no one knows exactly how much.


Someone opens up a child care center and accepts children of poor parents who qualify for state taxpayer day care subsidies. The center bills the state and gets the money.

The day care center doesn’t really provide day care. Parents sign the kids in and sign them out, providing the center with needed paperwork to bill the state. The parents might get a kickback for this lie.

Most of the fraud cases are run by immigrants from East Africa, including Somalia and Kenya, officials said.


The amount stolen is at least tens of millions of dollars.

A state whistle-blower on Tuesday told lawmakers he believes that fraud is rampant.

“I’ve had investigators tell me it’s closer to 80 percent fraud rate,” said Scott Stillman, a former state investigator. He was a key source for KMSP, drawing on his years of work at the state’s digital forensics lab. He examined the cellphones and computers of suspected fraudsters.

The department’s inspector general was skeptical.

“I don’t think it’s anywhere close,” Inspector General Carolyn Ham told state senators, who held a hearing on the issue Tuesday afternoon.Immigrants who don’t, or can’t, electronically transfer that money to relatives in their home countries instead carry it there directly. This is generally legal. However, criminals might also do this — especially since investigators have generally cracked down on organized crime and terrorist operatives trying to electronically transfer funds.

Republicans want to crack down but it’s unlikely anything will come of it.

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5 years ago

Way to go MN…screw the taxpayers…

5 years ago

$100 million last year alone through one airport (Minneapolis) headed outbound in carry-on baggage to turd-world muzzie nations, all stolen from the taxpayers through fraudulent “day care” schemes.

5 years ago

So long as you “declare” that you are carrying a Million Dollars then all is well with the Government. Of course if you are a Nigerian nurse with 40 thousand in individual envelopes designated for specific clinics etc., and did Not declare then you are in serious trouble.