Keith Ellison Discusses Impeaching a Supreme Court Justice


The left is unhinged as we know but that doesn’t stop them from looking to the future. One Democrat asked DNC Vice Chair if they could impeach a Supreme Court Justice.

They don’t waste any time.

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison on Monday didn’t rule it out. Maybe he can get Mad Max Waters on it right away.

Ellison said Democrats probably won’t try to impeach a justice nominated by President Trump but said it “could theoretically happen.”

Ellison is the one who said Gorsuch isn’t a “legitimate” justice since he believes Merrick Garland should have been selected. Republicans did the same thing to the Democrats that they did to Republicans and told them they couldn’t appoint Garland in the President’s last year in office.

The impeachment discussion came up at a community forum on the Supreme Court hosted by Ellison. One person in the audience asked if impeachment was a possibility.

“You’d have to find some evidence of like, corruption, or something like that,” Ellison said.

A law professor from the University of Minnesota Jill Hasday chimed in, explaining why it probably wasn’t going to happen. She sees it as a threat to judicial independence.

“I will say that there have been lower court judges who have been impeached and honestly there were some things that came out with Justice [Clarence] Thomas that I thought were very concerning to me as far as his impartiality,” Ellison responded. “So I agree with Jill, it’s probably not.

But, he didn’t rule it out. If he thinks he can, he will. If any of these Democrats think they can, they will.


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