Keith Ellison Moves to Crush Sheriff Who Helps ICE Deport Criminals


Keith Ellison sent a letter to Sheriff Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek asking for clarification as to why and how he is coordinating with ICE.

The sheriff isn’t doing ICE’s job but he is working to help them deport illegal criminals.

The questions he asked of the Sheriff are all meant to come back to haunt him:

1. What access to Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) inmate databases and other booking information does ICE receive? How regularly is this information provided, and on what grounds?

2. Please list the questions that all detainees booked at Hennepin County jails and detention facilities are asked as part of standard intake procedures, as well as the point in the process when ICE is notified, how they are notified, and how communication with ICE is tracked.

3. It was reported on July 7, 2017 that when HCSO deputies book inmates, they ask inmates for their country of birth and citizenship information. On what legal basis are your deputies soliciting this information from people booked at your facilities? What notification, if any, is given to inmates about whether they are required to submit this information?

4. The same report stated that with foreign-born inmates, HCSO deputies call ICE and sometimes put that inmate on the phone with an ICE agent or bring ICE to question them in-person. What notification, if any, are detainees given that they are not required to speak with ICE, either over the phone or in-person?

5. What percentage of detainees who are interviewed by ICE at your office receive legal representation during or prior to these interrogations?

6. How and when does transfer of detainees to ICE custody happen? Please describe the chain of actions that HCSO takes to facilitate transfer of HCSO detainees to ICE custody.

7. In 2016, how many total estimated hours did HCSO staff spend assisting ICE, or other federal immigration enforcement agencies?

8. Hennepin County is estimated to have spent nearly $1.5 million on detaining undocumented immigrants in 2015 alone, according to the National Institute of Corrections and the Department of Justice. What is the estimated overall cost of HCSO staff time spent assisting ICE and other federal agencies with federal immigration enforcement for the current fiscal year?

The media and the left’s Marxist army will use the information to make it impossible for him to do his job.The Sheriff is under fire from county officials and leftist advocates who argue his office does too much to help immigration authorities — even as the Trump administration called him out recently for not cooperating enough.

The Sheriff wants to keep his community safe as they reel under an opioid epidemic. Deporting criminals is one way he plans to do that.

“We’ve been very clear: There is no sanctuary for criminals anywhere in Hennepin County,” the Sheriff said.

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Terry Zech
Terry Zech
6 years ago

What the f**[edit]k is wrong with all these ACLU influenced idiots. People who come into the country without proper paperwork need to be arrested and deported.

6 years ago

Hey Keith Ellison, its against the law to enter the U.S.A. by crossing our border illegally, period, ICE, Sheriffs, police are all law enforcement, they should all work together to enforce our laws, you,Keith Ellison, took an oath to uphold our laws and constitution, either back law enforcement up or shut your idiot mouth and get out of our country!!!

6 years ago
Reply to  Zigmont

You are awesome!