Keith Ellison Rolls His Eyes at a Black, Lesbian Environmentalist After Sermonizing on Victimhood


Congressman Keith Ellison, the man who said President Trump is worse than North Korea’s violent despot Kim Jong-un, says what we need is “intersectionality”. In fact, he demands it as a leader of the Democrat Party. He proselytized to the assembled members of the various victim groups but when it was all over, he was called out for not including one of the victimized peoples. That’s when he rolled his eyes.

Intersectionality is the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage, according to the online dictionary.

It’s the victimhood of the marginalized philosophy that unites the Democrat Party.

Emily Jashinsky who wrote a piece about Ellison’s latest rant put it this way: “To sum up intersectionality in brief, it means that once you’ve accepted that everything is racist, consistency demands that you also accept everything is sexist, everything is transphobic, everything is Islamophobic, and so on and so forth. Think of it as the grand unified theory of victimhood.”

The reason Ellison is demanding it is because they are the party of identity politics. When their individual groups of victims come together, they have a majority. If they all go off on their separate ways, they are less powerful.

“All of us in this room have got to defend intersectionality as a concept,” he said as applause rang out.

“That applause ain’t quite loud enough!” he bellowed, whooping up the crowd.

The creator of “intersectionality” was present for Ellison’s speech, complaining of how the ideology has been deliberately distorted by the opposition.

Ellison, referring to conservatives, said “Smear is their tool.” The DNC deputy chairman described intersectionality an “incredibly powerful idea” and a “good way to understand linked oppression.”

What Ellison is actually doing is uniting his groups of victims — the women, the Muslims, blacks, Hispanics, the obese, the fluid genders and others.

This is what they’ve been doing all along, uniting their disparate groups to become the winning majority but it hasn’t worked. It is nothing but a tactic to get people working as one, blindly following the big ‘D’. It offers no solutions, no policies, no improvements, and no way forward.

They have so many victim groups that only whites, mostly white men, and Christians are left unprotected. They’re sick of it. Most aren’t ideological or stuck on anything but wanting a decent job, safety, and to be left alone.

Instead of digging in with identity politics, which helped turn their working class Democrats away from them and towards Republicans, they might want to actually look for novel ways to solve problems. A better approach than gathering people around to attack common enemies would be to come up with solutions, but not the ones that haven’t worked.

As the Netroots convention went on, Ellison, the racist, leftist Muslim “leader”, met his match with one who is more far adept at intersectionality than he is.

A black Lesbian Indian environmental victim beat him at his own game. He rolled his eyes at her but he is the one breeding this extremism. She’s simply better at his intersectionality than he is.


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