Keith Ellison to Use Bible Study for Indoctrination


Keith Ellison has a plan to get people to vote for his far-left Democrat Party. He wants his minions to convert people in Bible study classes.

Keith Ellison is a pro-Farrakhan Muslim who has traveled to conferences at CAIR’s expense. CAIR is tied to Hamas.

Ellison, who supports Antifa, has called for the elimination of borders. He is as hard-left as a politician gets.

There is nothing he won’t politicize. That includes Bible study.


  1. I find it amazing, then again maybe not, that these loony liberals put two radicals leading the DNC. One is a avowed Marxist and the other is a anti-Semite Muslim who believes in open borders and is also friends with Calypso Louie.

  2. Ellison is lying. He has no intention of courting Christians which on face value is blasphemy coming from this Muslim. God would surely not take kindly to such an act.

    As usual, when Progressives speak, the deceivers that they are, one must peel away the onion. Old Keith is engaging in taqqiya (sp). Using Christianity is a cover. The true intent is to gain unfettered access to prisons and jails for the purpose of stepping up the indoctrination, radicalization and conversion process of inmates to Islam.

    If successful, all hell is going to break out in jails and prisons across the country.

  3. Ellison be careful using God’s word for your Satanic Religion! Using the Bible to verify your religion who does not believe in God the Father, God the Son(Jesus) & God the Holy Spirit will never be accepted by America! Also ANTIFA are TERRORIST like yourself! You may have Soro’s Bucks behind you and a few ignorant Democrats but those that are Christians have power in prayer! We are praying and asking God to rebuke you and all your regimes!

  4. Mr. Ellison: Be properly warned that we will defend the President of the United States from any physical attacks you may foment against the President. Be forwarned you ANTIFA Puke.

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