Keith Ellison Says Trump Brings White Supremacy to the White House


New DNC Chair is an Anti-White Bigot

Keith Ellison, the Democrats leading contender for Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, to follow liar Donna Brazile, has continued the hate-filled approach used during the primary and election campaign. He told a rally that Trump has brought white supremacy to the White House.

The leftists are painting all whites as bigots and Ellison appears to be building on that approach. Democrats can’t win on their policies or their record so they use identity politics and vicious verbal attacks. They learned a lot from Saul Alinsky.

This racism lie is disgusting and tiresome.  All they can do is demonize. The Democrats no longer stand for anything except socialism, communism, and dirty politics.

Perfect DNC Chair

Democrats are coming together this weekend in Phoenix, Arizona for a regional forum in anticipation of selecting a new chairperson in February.

Ellison is the likely choice as Chair of the Democratic Party. He is hard-left and anti-Semitic. He has met with radical Islamic terrorists; spoken at conferences with radicals; was a member of the hate group, The Nation of Islam; is tied to the terror-connected group CAIR and similar groups; he’s a racistand so much more.

As an aside, white supremacy is nothing more than a leftist tactic to demonize all whites. It’s Marxist identity politics meant to divide and conquer and it’s racism.

Finally, Ellison is the perfect choice for the Democratis National Party chair. He follows a woman exposed as a liar, Donna Brazile, who followed the extremely corrupt Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Schultz corrupted the primary in favor of Hillary.

In conclusion, it is clear the Democrats have learned nothing. Their campaign of hate and division will continue.

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JH Chesney
JH Chesney
7 years ago

Go ahead Democrats and elect Ellison to head up the DNC. You will accomplish something the Republicans have been trying to do for years — tear the Jewish voters away from the Democrat Party. How any intelligent, right-minded Jew voted for the blatant anti-Israeli, anti-Christian, Muslim loving Obama is still mind boggling to me.

7 years ago

Keith Ellison has brought anti Semitic , Muslim strength to Capitol Hill!!!!!!!