Kellogg’s Should Apologize to Deplorables Because Kellogg’s Is In Bad Shape


Kellogg’s profits tanked and that is likely the result of the #DumpKelloggs campaign. The company used to be seen as an all-American non-partisan company, but they decided to get political. Americans don’t want their cereal and crackers to be politicized. Kellogg’s dumped Breitbart ads because they said Breitbart’s values didn’t coincide with theirs. Since that was a direct insult to Trump supporters, they are dumping them.

This could all be coincidental but we will leave that to your judgement.

The nation’s largest breakfast cereal manufacturer is announcing major cutbacks and is slashing sales forecasts because of dwindling profits. The company also told investors and employees that big cuts in facilities and workers are coming.

On Wednesday the company announced it was closing a large number of distribution centers, WKBN reported.

No one wants to see people out of work but they need to change the way they do business. It’s the market forces at work.

Their forecast went from a flat profit to a two percent slide. This downward trend began in earnest last quarter. In January, they had also announced major cuts.

John Bryant, Kellogg Company Chairman, and CEO, said that the “retail landscape continues to change” and Kellogg has to keep up with that shift. “We have to change the way we reach and communicate with consumers. Because our customers’ and our own warehouse distribution systems have become more efficient and effective, we can now redeploy resources previously tied to DSD and direct them to the kinds of brand investments that drive greater demand with today’s consumers − ultimately growing our business and our retailers’ businesses,” he said.

Instead of putting out that statement, maybe he should reinstate the ads on Breitbart and apologize. His “retail landscape” might change for the better.

Kellogg’s cut their advertising with Breitbart news at the end of 2016, and Breitbart has 45 million readers. The #DumpKelloggs campaign immediately followed.

Usually, the right-wing doesn’t believe in boycotts. The right believes in the free market and freedom of speech, but there has to be some way to express displeasure. The right can’t just be perennial victims of the left.

Kellogg’s thinks the right-wing are all deplorables.

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7 years ago

When will these businesses learn to stay out of the activism business?