Kelly-Jones Interview Loses to a “60 Minutes” Rerun and “America’s Funniest Home Videos”


Megyn Kelly’s interview with Alex Jones was a ratings disaster on Sunday. She only had 3.5 million viewers. CBS beat her with a rerun of ’60 Minutes’, which drew 5.3 million viewers, according to Nielsen.

Kelly also lost in the timeslot in both measures against both the U.S Golf Open Championship (1.4, 6.1 million) on Fox and a rerun of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (0.7, 3.7 million) on ABC.

She lost to funniest videos!

The NBC hour-long “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” has yet to do better than third after three showings. The Kelly-Putin interview was a modest success with 6.2 million viewers.  The previous two episodes of the freshman news show have averaged a 0.7 and 4.9 million viewers.

Megyn Kelly’s much ballyhooed interview with Alex Jones on Father’s Day angered left who see Jones as a dangerous conspiracy theorist and those on the right who follow Alex Jones. Jones called the interview a hatchet job. The rest of the country has no interest in hearing Alex Jones.

Jones taped the phone conversation he had with Megyn Kelly during which he agreed to the interview. Kelly’s comments were embarrassingly cozy. To make it worse, Jones hijacked the interview by revealing the context in advance.

Sandy Hook

The Sandy Hook families were very hurt by the interview and asked NBC to cancel the show. He wasn’t told it would be shown on Father’s Day, he said. Connecticut NBC refused to run the segment.

Sponsors, including J.P. Morgan Chase, pulled out.

Jones had said at the time of the shootings that the Sandy Hook shooting never took place.  He says he was just playing Devil’s Advocate.

Jones offered his condolences to the Sandy Hook families before the airing.

Bill O’Reilly wrote a column for the hill today in which he wrote that the Sandy Hook parents deserved better than Sandy Hook.

“There simply was not enough news value in the Q&A between the internet bomb thrower and Megyn Kelly to mitigate the pain to families who buried their innocent children, yet had to endure a national circus about it on Father’s Day,” Bill wrote.


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