Kellyanne calls AOC out over Sri Lanka, driving her into a bizarre hissy fit


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez politicized the New Zealand mosque shootings. She is currently politicizing the Poway synagogue shootings. However, she was totally silent about the Easter day bombings at Christian churches in Sri Lanka.

AOC only seems to care about victims when she can use them to push her agenda.

Kellyanne Conway called her out, mentioning her unusual silence over the Easter Day massacres in Sri Lanka.

That set AOC of into a crazy Twitter rage. She was her usual dishonest and hate-filled self.

Then she called Trump inept, inhumane, corrupt, predatory, and so on.

There was more, but she’s not worth taking up this much white space.

Kellyanne responded sanely to AOC.

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4 years ago

so donkey girl found the time to tweet about some silly movie but didn’t have the time to tweet about the Sri Lanka massacre. right donkey girl. of course no one believes you. you’re a freakin’ moron of the highest degree and a liar to boot. do the US a huge favor and go away somewhere far away where we don’t have to hear your constant braying.

4 years ago

Noticed that AOC(absent of common sense, Ilke that one) failed to mention the failures of the government of PR in moving along the supplies and assistance from the US.
A lopsided partisan view of the situation by AOC. The leftist government down there has made it difficult for the citizens to recover, which has nothing to do with President Trump nor FEMA.
I expect nothing less from AOC, as she has proven herself to be the empty pantsuit of her party, same as Clinton.

Got Brawndo?
Got Brawndo?
4 years ago

Remember when San Fran Nan said a glass of water could be elected in the comradette’s district.
Ditto for Minnesotastan and the glorious people’s republic of Michigan.
Maybe one day one of the fantastic fabulous fierce freshmen superhero girls will be el presidente! We’ll have a golden glorious magic unicorns utopia then. Forward!
Do any of the freshmen get a cut of the hot selling (LOL!) comic book about them?

Derrick Jarvis
4 years ago

How is it that everyone is Christian and can’t get along someone is lying!! 1 Corinthians 1:10, basically says we should have no division amongst us a Christian having the same mind saying the same things being lead by the Holy Spirit! So everyone say there Christian’s and there action say other wise. I am not saying people don’t know Jesus but are they obeying his commands. If you love him(Jesus) keep his commandments! Just saying!

Barry Brumfield
Barry Brumfield
4 years ago

hmm… then the “Christian” AOC should know that God says, “Proud fools talk too much…” Proverbs 14:3 And pride does come before the fall.