Kellyanne Conway Removes Her Title from Twitter Profile


Kellyanne Conway has removed her title, ‘counselor to the President’ from her Twitter feed without explanation. However, she was on Bret Baier’s show Special Report Tuesday evening sticking up for the President on the issue of birthright citizenship. She was introduced as ‘counselor to the President’.

This is the original description:

This is how it looks now:

It’s odd that she would remove it.

The Washington Examiner reported earlier this month, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed a complaint with the Office of Special Counsel for potential violations of the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from using their office to campaign for or against political candidates.

CREW requested the Office of Special Counsel investigate whether Conway violated the Hatch Act by using her official government Twitter account “to promote the Republican Party and to post an image of President Trump’s campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again.’”

The group is also interested if comments made during a Fox News interview about how voters for “red-state Democrats” are not in favor of the “socialist way the Democrat Party is going” violates the Hatch Act.

CREW is a Soros-funded organization and they constantly go after Republicans. The Hatch Act is never prosecuted, it’s more of an annoyance.

For what it’s worth, her husband is still publicly criticizing the President.

George Conway co-wrote an op-ed on Tuesday rejecting President Trump‘s assertion that he could do away with birthright citizenship through an executive order.

“Such a move would be unconstitutional and would certainly be challenged. And the challengers would undoubtedly win,” Conway wrote in The Washington Post with attorney Neal Katyal.

Conway, a self-described conservative, and Katyal, a self-described liberal, argued that the authors of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment were “simple and clear” in drafting a provision that meant anyone born in the United States is a citizen of the country.

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ken Wahl
ken Wahl
5 years ago

A sky is falling, the sky is falling moment for the Drive-bys to hyperventalate on and they can get another hard on to play with, “Confusion and discontent in the Trump White House.” Again.