Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Suggests Trump Be Investigated


Kellyanne’s husband George Conway’s endless tweets aimed against President Trump aren’t slowing down. Today he wants the President investigated.

Last week, he wrote a 3,300-word op-ed entitled “The Terrible Arguments Against the Constitutionality of the Mueller Investigation” that was published Monday on the national security and legal blog Lawfare. Conway writes that “there is no serious argument” that Mueller’s appointment violates the Constitution.

This was in response to the President tweeting that Mueller’s appointment was unconstitutional.

A lot of attorneys disagree with George but George is non-stop never Trump.


Today he tweeted that he wants the President investigated for campaign finance violations. It was in response to a frivolous civil lawsuit filed by the biased Acting New York attorney general who is suing the Trump Charitable Foundation for alleged finance violations. New York’s former AG, a molester, refused to probe the Clinton Foundation.

This goes on constantly with George. Sometimes he deletes the tweets. George is allegedly a conservative lawyer but he is definitely opposed to Trump.

Kellyanne says asking about her husband’s views is inappropriate. Kellyanne supported the president as recently as Sunday on this latest issue, yet her husband wants a federal investigation.

Conway stood by his wife and supported the president during the campaign. He worked for the Trump DOJ early on in the term but then he left over “family obligations.”

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