Kellyanne Sticks Up for President Trump in the Feud with Her Husband


Kellyanne Conway and Maria Bartiromo discussed the feud between her husband and the President. She stuck up for President Trump.

Kellyanne would like her husband — usually a private person — to stop making his feelings about the President public. She said he liked the President when she took the job. George didn’t get the Solicitor General job and was then offered a job in Justice which he decided not to take. They both couldn’t have big jobs with four children, she said.

She also said this is all new to her. Also new is her husband not supporting the agenda and her work there.

Kellyanne and her husband have discussed it but she told Ms. Bartiromo she would have to ask George what his response was. She has had conversations with the President about it in passing.

She has not been asked to choose between her marriage and her job. Her husband does want her to leave but she isn’t going to do that.

While she called her husband a brilliant litigator who was made a partner in his firm, he acts like a dummkopf on Twitter. The things he says are very disrespectful of his wife and the President.

Kellyann she also hit back against people who are feigning concern for her children, suggesting they didn’t give a hoot when they were attacking her for the past few years.

When Kellyanne mentioned all the abuse she has taken, one has to wonder why her husband would put her into a position of further ridicule. It has to embarrass his children.

Watch the interview:


George Conway is either trying to force his wife to quit or he wants her fired. Most likely, he doesn’t care which. Before, during, and after his wife’s interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo this morning, he rampaged on Twitter, retweeting his left-wing and never Trumper friends’ nasty tweets, adding several of his own. All were intended to make the President look bad.

Early this morning, George called the President a liar and a compulsive liar, then insulted him on a mispronunciation of a word, called him an irrational narcissist again and concluded in one tweet that the President is “the worst kind of dumb.” He has been doing this for a year-and-a-half without comment by the President before this week.

In twelve hours, there were 25 tweets by George aimed at belittling the President, the most recent was two hours ago, at about 4:30 p.m. EST.

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