Ken Starr confirms Alex Acosta took the HARD LINE with Epstein


Alex Acosta appears to be a victim of the leftist mob.Ken Starr told Laura Ingraham last night that Acosta is an honorable guy who obviously took one for the team.

The case of Alex Acosta’s handling of Jeffrey Epstein was re-litigated in the press this past week, twelve years after the fact. This case was not a federal case, it was strictly state, but he was brought in by the police who were disturbed by the fact that Epstein was getting off with a minor punishment.

Epstein’s attorneys included Ken Starr who appeared on The Ingraham Angle last night to talk about Acosta’s role in the disposition of the case.

Starr was in the room and he explained what took place in Epstein’s plea deal when the U.S. Attorney’s office got involved in the case.

Starr said as his attorney, along with two others, Jay Lefkowitz, and Alan Dershowitz, he argued with the attorney’s office that they had no role in what was a state case. There was no crossing of State lines, no trafficking, or other crime that would have put it in federal hands.

Acosta wouldn’t back off, he didn’t buy the argument, Starr said. All the pushback came from Alex Acosta. The feds wanted a tougher deal and more accountability. 

It was Alex Acosta and his office who ignored the federalism argument and “were playing tough and insisting on some conditions” in the deal.

That means Barry Kirscher is a liar and another effective Trump official has been ruined.


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