Kerry Wants to Put the Sponsors of Terror in Syria in a Leadership Role


Update: 01/07/14: The UN did not invite Iran to engage in the Syria talks.

John Kerry floated the idea that Iran should take part in Syria talks aimed at ending the terrorism in Syria even though Iran is sponsoring terrorism in Syria.


Iran has been sending in Revolutionary Guards to aid Hezbollah and Assad, causing the problem in the first place. They left Syria vulnerable to al-Qaida.

It’s like putting the prisoners in charge of the prison.

Secretary of State John Kerry said that Iran could participate “very easily”in Syria talks if they agree to remove Assad which they will never do as he knows.

These talks are a sham. Kerry wants to make it seem as if he is doing something.

Our government has consistently said that Iran is the prime sponsor of terror in Iraq and Syria. Iran has been on our list of State Sponsors of Terrorism for 30 years. Syria has been on the list even longer.

Russia wanted Iran to have a role in the negotiations but Assad’s opposition and any sane person did not. Kerry must like the idea of going with Russia on this but Jewish and Syrian anti-Assad groups in the US have blasted Kerry for proposing it.

Obviously, Iran is biased towards Assad and they would then have more leverage in the nuclear talks.

This is another move that makes us look weak and gives Iran credibility they shouldn’t have.

This is something like the short-term nuclear deal we worked out with Iran. We gave them billions in sanction relief and got nothing in return. We have the possibility of some paltry concessions at some future date.

It was only last week that the US and France agreed that there was no role for Iran in the peace talks. This must be confusing to the French.

“You have a forest fire that’s raging and you’re calling in some of the arsonists … to discuss the best way to put it out,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights group. “It’s mind-numbing.”

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