Kerry’s, Biden’s Sons Selling Secrets to Help China Achieve Naval Supremacy


The upper class uses their political connections to become richer. They make deals with corrupt foreign companies and there is no disclosure required. These deals are made with bad actors who are trying to steal U.S. secrets.

Peter Schweizer discussed some of those deals with Sean Hannity on his radio show Tuesday.

Joe Biden’s son and John Kerry’s son are deeply involved in just such shady deals with foreign companies.

Joe Biden’s son Hunter secured a $1.5 dollar deal for his startup equity firm — a startup — with the Chinese Communist government while Biden was VP.  John Kerry’s stepson Chris Heinz co-owns the business which began while Kerry was secretary of state. A friend Steven Archer is also part of the team.

The information is in a new book, Secret Empires: How the American Political Class hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends. It is written by the investigative reporter, Peter Schweizer, who wrote Clinton Cash.

While their parents aren’t allowed to make illicit deals in China and other enemy countries, their sons can. When Hunter Biden went to China to make these deals, it almost always overlapped with his father’s trips. The same was true of John Kerry and his son.

Peter Schweizer traced the use of the money and found some other seeming pay-to-play connections. For example, Hunter Biden was involved in a nuclear company CGN which a year later was indicted by the DoJ for stealing U.S. nuclear secrets. A senior engineer admitted he was trying to steal circuits for China and he was sent to jail.

One deal for the Chinese Communists had to go through CIFIUS because it has national security implications.

To give a better understanding of how serious these deals are, Schweizer told Hannity of one deal that involved selling off technology that would push China towards their goal of Naval supremacy.

The United States is a world leader in nuclear technologies and in the case of China, CGN was interested in the Westinghouse reactor AP!000 because it is similar to the one put on U.S. Navy subs. This is important because China is making a push to pass the U.S. Navy in naval supremacy by 2030. This Chinese Communist company wants this nuclear propulsion technology to give them the big push. The son of the former vice president and the son of the former secretary of state are investors in the company.

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