Kevin Spacey Charged with a Felony, Then Announces His Comeback


Kevin Spacey will be arraigned on a charge of felony sexual assault next month. The charge stems from an incident in 2016.

Heather Unruh, the victim’s mother, said last year that Spacey repeatedly stuck his hand down the pants of her 18-year-old son. The boy was eventually able to get away when a woman walked over to him while the actor was in the bathroom and said: ‘Run!’

At the time, Spacey was trying to convince the boy to join him at a party said, Unruh. The woman who saved him has not come forward.

When the boy eventually got to his grandmother’s home, he told his younger sister what had happened and then called his mother.

As this arrest is going down and he faces incarceration, the certifiable son of a Nazi released a video announced his comeback. The video is strange to say the least, especially given the fact that his last comeback film made $126 on opening day.

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