Key Evidence in Awan Hacking/Spying Case Is Missing


President Trump tweeted on the 7th about the missing Wasserman-Schultz server used by Imran Awan. Awan is potentially a Pakistani spy or, best case scenario, a criminal, who hacked and stole confidential data from the computers of House Democrats. The server in the case, known as ‘ground zero’, is missing.

Witnesses have said the FBI does not want evidence of spying given to them so they have plausible deniability. In addition the FBI is about to cut a deal with Imran and his wife on bank fraud charges, completely unrelated to the spying and hacking claims. We will never know what happened if they cut a deal. It looks like a political cover up.

Epoch Times Reminds Us the key Evidence — the Server — was Stolen

The Wasserman server does appear to be missing. It is key evidence in the hacking of the DNC computers. Rep. Wasserman was the DNC Chair and all her data was on the server.

This comes from Epoch Times:

A server belonging to the House Democratic Caucus went missing in early 2017 after it had been identified by the inspector general as a key piece of evidence in a hacking probe.

The Office of Inspector General had found months earlier that a group of House IT workers had logged in to the server 5,735 times during the surveyed period between October 2015 and April 2016.

The IT workers, most of whom were members of the Awan family, were working at that time for dozens of House Democrats, earning an estimated $7 million since 2004.

The IT workers had made great efforts to hide their identities as they stole data and passed it off to an outside server. There were excessive logins. It might have been used for spying or other criminal activity. The Awans are thieves.

The server described as Ground Zero by the Inspector General disappeared in 2017.

Three senior government officials with knowledge of the situation told the Daily Caller News Foundation last year that it had been physically stolen, Epoch Times reported.

It disappeared weeks before Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif), the former chair of the House Democratic Caucus, left to become California’s Attorney General. Police asked him for a copy of the it and received a falsified image,the Daily Caller News Foundation reported.

We posted Luke Rosiak’s information about the server, now missing, went back to then-Rep. Becerra, on October 11, 2017. These are the salient points:

Rep. Scott Perry, a member of the Homeland Security subcommittee on cyber security, said Tuesday [October 10 2017] that the House Office of Inspector General tracked the network usage of Awan and his associates on House servers and found that a “massive” amount of data was flowing from the networks.

According to Perry, more than 5,700 logins by the five Awan associates were discovered on a single server within the House and 5,400 of those logins appeared unauthorized. That server, Perry said, belonged to then-Democratic Rep. Xavier Becerra, who is now attorney general in California.

The Becerra server was holding all or most of forty House Democrats’ data without their consent — Imran moved the data to that server. This is against House rules.

When Capitol police began their investigation, they asked for the image from AG Becerra and were given a fake image by Imran Awan as part of what appears to be a cover up. Rep. Perry said it appears to be a “deliberate attempt to conceal the activities that they knew were against House policy and the law.”

The representative added that a criminal investigation by Capitol Police begun after the House Office of Inspector General reported its findings into Awan and his associates last year.

Perry also discussed how Capitol Police recovered a bag with a laptop featuring Wasserman Shultz’s initials from a phone booth after midnight in the Rayburn building about two months after House investigators barred Awan and his coterie from access to House computer networks. Wasserman demanded it back and threatened Capitol Hill police if they didn’t return it right away.

Investigative reporter Luke Rosiak explained that Imran Awan spent three months in Pakistan with full access to House data. He claimed he was doing the job for which he was paid while abroad.

Becerra deflected when asked about his House server and he’s simply gotten away with it:

It appears to still be missing.

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