Key WH Sources Say U.S. Is OUT of Globalist Climate Change Pact


Two key sources in the administration have told Fox News that President Trump will pull out of the Globalist Paris Agreement. Another promise kept if true!

What Is the Paris Agreement?

On April 22, 2016, the United States and 170 other countries signed the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which seeks “to combat climate change and adapt to its effects.”

The world does not at this point have the power to change the weather. The agreement was intended to give global power to a global body who would operate with global funds from taxpayers. More than 21% of their budget would have been supplied by the United States.

It would have greatly harmed the U.S. economy for no gain.

Heritage Foundation experts reported that the regulations would have achieved only “symbolic” gains, while imposing huge costs to the U.S. in the form of fewer American jobs, lower family incomes, and reduced industrial efficiency.

It sets a target of limiting global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius, barely above pre-industrial levels by having governments who have signed on reducing their global greenhouse gas emissions by “decarbonizing”.

Rich economies would have to abide by the agreement while up-and-coming governments, including the very rich China, would not. More than 80% of America’s energy needs rely on carbon-based natural resources – fossil fuels. This agreement would have killed our economy.

Trump Has Already Told Confidantes He Will Pull Out.

He has several ways he can get the U.S. out of this deal Obama tried to make an inviolable agreement.

An administration official said there are three ways he might withdraw.

First, he could announce the withdrawal but the withdrawal process will take at least until November 2020. The deal requires a three year notice thanks to the conniving by Obama and his European partners though the process will only take one year. Trump could change his mind during the year.

A second approach would be to declare the Paris deal is a legal treaty which requires a Senate vote. It would fail in the Senate. A letter from 22 Senate Republicans and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sent to Trump urged him to withdraw from the deal.

In a variation to the first two approaches, Trump could choose a combination of the first and second options.

Another possibility would involve a withdrawal from the treaty that underpins the Paris deal, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. It would take the U.S. out of all global climate diplomacy. That would also take a year.

It’s hard to extricate from this deal because of the clauses Obama’s team worked into it – deliberately.

The Evil Manipualtion

To make the agreement happen, Obama colluded with the U.N. to distort and manipulate the prior treaty so he could say they were just fixing an old treaty. In this way, it would not be a new treaty and he could bypass the Senate and our Constitutional requirement of ratification by 2/3rds of the Senate. Obama circumvented the Senate on what was obviously a treaty and the Senate allowed him to do it, even passing a law giving their treaty powers away.

At the time he made the agreement, Barack Obama said we must make sure underdeveloped countries that want to DUMP FOSSIL FUELS have the resources they need. The resources of course are tax dollars from the “rich” countries. These dollars, about 21% of the total funding, will flow from the U.S. to dictators in poor countries where the people will still be treated badly and will continue to receive few of the benefits.

It’s the opposite of capitalism in that it would allow global government to control the economy through climate change.

Obama promised global governance though it would be “transparent”. Transparent and global government are a bit of a conundrum, aren’t they?


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