Khashoggi Was Possibly Murdered by the World’s Dumbest Hit Team


Turkish officials told their American counterparts that they have audio and video recordings that prove writer and activist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Mr. Khashoggi sometimes contributed to the Washington Post, mostly to criticize the Saudi Crown Prince and President Trump.

They have video too?

The Saudi hit team has to be the dumbest hit team yet, if these reports are true, and there were so many of them. It’s hard to believe they never thought to check his Apple Watch which recorded the torture and murder of the journalist. Perhaps the reports are inaccurate.


The audio, and perhaps video, came from the Apple Watch Mr. Khashoggi was wearing or had on his person.

On Wednesday, the Guardian reported that investigators were focusing on an Apple watch that Khashoggi was wearing that was connected to an iPhone he had left with his fiancee outside the consulate. “We have determined that it was on him when he walked into the consulate,” a security official told Reuters. Investigators are seeking to determine what information the watch had transmitted.

The Director of the Gulf Institute claims he did turn it on and suggested Apple cooperated in transferring data [see video].

The Washington Post report, which cited officials from both the U.S. and Turkey, said that Khashoggi’s voice can be heard on the recording along with voices of other men speaking Arabic. One official said men can be heard beating Khashoggi on the recording, while another says the recording indicates how Khashoggi was “interrogated, tortured and then murdered.”

That confirms the bombshell report yesterday that said Mr. Khashoggi recorded his own murder on his Apple Watch.

As we reported yesterday, Mr. Khashoggi was wearing an Apple Watch when he entered the Saudi embassy. At some point he turned on the recording device according to a report by the Gulf Institute Director Ali Al-Ahmed and recorded his own murder.

They apparently have video as well and know exactly what happened.  It’s unclear what they have video of.


The officials have also identified the assailants and seem to know where the body parts were taken after they dismembered Mr. Khashoggi.

There is also video of the Saudi hit team.

The Saudi team at Atatürk airport on Tuesday last week on two planes, one of which landed in the pre-dawn hours and the second in the early afternoon. Airport security officials now say they checked all bags that the Saudi teams took with them to the airport and say there were nothing suspicious in any of the items loaded on to the jets for their return journeys to Riyadh.

Saudi royal guards, intelligence officers, national guards, soldiers and an autopsy expert had been part of the team flown in on the day Khashoggi vanished, according to the Turks.

The U.S. is working with the Turkish officials who have also formed a team of investigators with the Saudis.

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Steve Cakouros
Steve Cakouros
5 years ago

We are concerned as indeed we should be about the Saudis silencing a journalist. But where was all this rage when it became obvious that the Obama and now the Trump administration have been willing to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to what the Saudis were and are now doing in Yemen? The Saudis couldn’t manufacture tooth picks. Consequently they use American manufactured weaponry to maim and kill; the guided bombs that conveniently go off course killing innocents, and the cluster bombs that have no regard as to innocence and neutrality. And when these do not work the Saudis will even resort to using starvation.

We used to be the good guys handing out candy bars in Anzio. We used to be willing to die that men might live free asking only for a place to bury our dead; but alas the servants of mammon have usurped our culture. We now walk arm in arm with the bad guys, the Saudis, and all because we know that war is profitable. Dare we forget that if we sleep with dogs we will wake up with fleas?

We are a good people or at least we once were. We should not forget that even after the British brutalized American patriots, starving them in the thousands on prison ships,George Washington did not respond in like fashion. He said we were to show the world that we were better than that. In like fashion we should distance ourselves from the Saudis who are murdering Yemenis declaring that we are better than that.

May God move us to finally rein in the military industrial complex which hourly proves that for gold men will do anything, even assist the Saudis royals, who to be sure lose no sleep over what they are doing in Yemen. We should distance ourselves from the Saudis whose religion allows them to inflict horrible pain on others, and then act as if God approves. The God of the Bible is better than that; and Americans should not forget that their heritage reflects the influence of the Bible. We are after all a Greco-Biblical people.