Khorasan Is Al Qaeda and It’s Not on the Run



Obama’s approach to foreign policy is the stuff of fiction. He likes to say Al Qaeda has been destroyed and all that’s left are the metastasized rogue bands of terrorists acting independently of Al Qaeda Central. One band in particular is the Khorasan group.

Khorasan IS Al Qaeda. It would be interesting to see where the name came from. Is it a White House invention?

It’s been referred to as the old boys’ club.

It is comprised of the Osama bin Laden followers from the 1990’s. They are not an affiliate, or an offshoot, or a franchise. They ARE al Qaeda and they follow the leadership of al-Zawahiri, Osama’s successor.

They have been dangerous since 2009 and they have been unremittingly dangerous. They were responsible for the underwear bomber, the Christmas Day bomber and many other bombings.

They didn’t become dangerous yesterday, last month or even last year. They’ve been dangerous since Barack Obama became president and they have been dangerous the entire time Obama said al Qaeda was on the run.

If you think bombing a command center will eliminate them, think again.

ISIS is al Qaeda also. They wanted the al-Nusra Front (Al Qaeda Central) to give allegiance to them. Al-Zawahiri told ISIS to leave Syria, they wouldn’t, and that led to the breach. However, they are the same people with the same goals.

All these groups are brutal. The PR campaign at al Qaeda Central would have us believe that they are too vicious for al Qaeda. Believing that any group is too vicious for al Qaeda is misguided.

Obama has this tale he puts forth about ending the wars and destroying al Qaeda but it’s built on air. He said the economy was linked to the wars but he’s made the economy worse with a record 92+ million Americans out of the workforce.

If you believed he has made us safe, don’t believe it any longer because we’re not safe. Our borders are open. Anyone can fly in or walk across. That is not safe.