Kid Rock Tweets Poll Showing He’s Leading Stabenow in Michigan Senatorial Race


Kid Rock aka Robert Ritchie tweeted a snapshot poll of a hypothetical matchup between him and Debbie Stabenow in the the senatorial race. Kid Rock leads.

Kid Rock’s tweet linked to The Gateway Pundit, which featured a Delphi Analytica poll.

The survey asked 668 Michigan residents which candidate they preferred. Of respondents who stated a preference between Stabenow and Kid Rock, 54 percent said they would vote for Kid Rock, while 46 percent said they would vote for Stabenow.

Kid Rock tweeted this next taunt last week.

The hill reported that a GOP consultant said he’d be a “prohibitive favorite”. The Democrats will go wild if he is truly serious.

Kid Rock says he’s serious.


  1. I will move back to Michigan and help “The Kid” in his bid to win his seat in the Senate, just reach out to me Mr Rock, and I’ll pack my bags. Brian Merrill

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