Kids Busted for Selling Lemonade Can Apply for Legal-Ade


Entrepreneurial children running lemonade stands has become a target for the nation’s control freaks. Children all over the country are being fined for not having permits, not because it’s a problem, but because of someone with a big mouth or power intervening.

Children selling Kool-Aid or Lemonade from a stand is a wonderful American tradition. Perhaps that is what people don’t like, but there is help at hand.

The Heinz-owned Country Time Lemonade will cover fees and fines for the children affected, up to $300. They have started a $60,000 fund so far.

They call the initiative ‘Legal-Ade’.

You may think busting kids doesn’t happen often but it does. Fox 2 in St. Louis listed a few cases:

Last week, two Denver brothers selling lemonade for charity saw their stand get shut down because they didn’t have a permit. In Texas, two sisters set up a lemonade stand to raise money for a Father’s Day present, but they were shut down and fined for not having a permit or health department approval. And in Maryland, fines for permitless stands have reached a hefty $500.

Kids outside of the US are also getting in trouble for selling lemonade, including a girl from East London who was fined 150 pounds.

Adam Butler, Kraft Heinz’s general manager of beverages and nuts, said the Denver incident is an example of what inspired the company to help.

“When we saw these stories about lemonade stands being shut down for legal reasons, we thought it had to be an urban myth. After looking into it and seeing even more instances, we realized these weren’t myths, they were real stories,” Butler told CNN. ” A very real response seemed the best way to shine a light on the issue.”

To apply for reimbursement, parents or guardians can upload a picture of their child’s permit or fine to Legal-Ade’s website.

It’s a great advertisement for the brand and a great idea! Another American tradition — it’s called fighting back!


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