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I’ve seen a lot of stupid in my day, but I must admit I can’t recall anything quite this outrageous.

Since my very youngest days on this planet, I’ve enjoyed fishing for, frying up and devouring fish.  I’ve also enjoyed taking part in the catch and release program that was instituted many years ago as a way to preserve the breeding stock of various species, thus ensuring there would always be fish to eat, so long as I didn’t catch them all.  To that end, I’ve learned how to release a fish back to the water very carefully, thus ensuring they’ll continue to live, reproduce and be a viable source for food, if and when I so desired.

The State of Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department has sponsored a youth fishing program for many years.  It’s simply called “Let’s Go Fishing” and experts conduct hands-on seminars to teach the ages old art of fishing – something that goes back to pre Biblical times.

Imagine my shock to learn that by fishing and teaching children to fish, I’m committing mortal sin and, further, glorifying and encouraging children to become violent!

Read this press release and know this is NOT from the Onion:

For Immediate Release:
March 11, 2013
Kaitlynn Kelly 202-483-7382

Burlington, Vt. — After the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department released a statement requesting more volunteers for its “Let’s Go Fishing” program, which aims to teach children and their families how to fish, PETA has asked the department to cancel “Let’s Go Fishing” and allocate its funding to nonviolent educational youth programs.

“Teaching children to fish tells them that it’s OK to inflict pain and suffering on someone who is different from them,” says PETA Executive Vice President (and mom) Tracy Reiman.  “Particularly at this impressionable young age, we should be teaching our children lessons about nonviolence, empathy, and acceptance.”

PETA also points out that multiple scientific studies have concluded that fish feel pain acutely.  Fish suffer while being held out of water just as humans would if drowning. Their mouths and lips are particularly sensitive, and fish who are caught and thrown back endure painful injuries and infections, and often die soon afterwards.

The money saved by canceling the “Let’s Go Fishing” program could fund many recreational activities along Vermont’s scenic waterways that would be safer for children and more humane for fish.

For more information, please visit  To view PETA’s new anti-fishing public service announcement starring Joaquin Phoenix, click here.

PETA’s letter to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department follows.

For the record, PETA can go to Hell.

That is all.

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