Kids Make Antifa Flags at Massachusetts Commie Camp


Camp Kinderland dubs itself as #commiecamp and that is exactly what it is. You can look at  photos of the kids at the camp who are learning how to be Communist revolutionaries on this link. They are of all ages. It looks like a harmless camp except for the hashtag.

Commie Camp

The children in the photos are learning all about Robin Hood. The far-left likes to distort that story into a Communist feel-good triumph.

The Daily Caller reported that children attending Camp Kinderland in Tolland, Massachusetts, designed nearly 50 Antifa flags as one of their summer activities.

“Whoa the kids at [Camp Kinderland] made their own #Antifa flags,” Dartmouth College lecturer Mark Bray tweeted with a link to the camp. “Super rad!”

This Dartmouth lecturer is a Communist Anarchist who wrote the Antifa handbook. Antifa stands for anti-fascist but they are the fascists. They advocate violence against those with whom they disagree, including Capitalists.

Antifa professors have formed chapters in colleges throughout the nation. The organization is the offspring of the German militant wing of the Communist Party pre-World War II.

Communists advocate the overthrow of our government.



Their pins are used to help indoctrinate the children.


Bray tweeted this next tweet. There is no such thing as Libertarian Socialism. They are misusing the word ‘Libertarianism’ but that’s what they routinely do — smash all our belief systems and spread disinformation until you believe in nothing and they can fill your head with the State as god.

Thirty-Seven Minute Documentary Describing ANTIFA:

  • Per Dr. lleana Johnson Paugh–Canada Free Press–“Academic Indoctrination into Fascism, Communism, and Pinkoism” –‘The growth of domestic communism, thanks to decades of academic indoctrination, the emergence of the racist BLM, and of the black-clad Antifa, disguised and violent snowflakes, emboldened by the manufactured crisis of invented fascism on the right are at the top of the list.

  • The majority of professors in our country prove time and again, “….the world is filled with educated derelicts….”

  • The socialist/communist/marxist leftists in this country are so good at giving themselves names that actually mean the opposite of their intent, antifa being the latest. Quite an accomplishment that it’s condoned by the media, a fascist group that hide their faces inciting violence but calling themselves ‘antifa’… only in America with a complicit media.

  • this a real important call to all parents….. do you know what are your kids up to? be on the watch and take corrective action before you have to bury any of your kids. the failed american school system have turned into indoctrination front and instead of showing real facts and history of the past they try to avoid the young see for themselves the mistakes of the past and make an educated normal decision. now you’ve been warned… they are calling for revolution, resistance and be careful what you call your way and what you wish for. remember who has the weapons, and know how to use them. be careful what you want to start, because we, the people will put and end to it. period!