Kids Under 16 Years Will Be Allowed to Undergo Sex Change Treatment


Children who haven’t even hit puberty yet can now receive gender-altering hormone treatments because some doctors say it will help them “blend in” more easily as they transition away from their birth gender, under recently updated medical guidelines.

The Endocrine Society is pushing sex hormone treatment for children under 16 though it is not advised before puberty.

“It makes it a lot easier for that person to blend in,” said Dr. Steve Rosenthal, an endocrinologist in San Francisco and a member of the Endocrine Society. “If you go through female puberty and you have breasts, if you go through male puberty and you have an Adam’s apple and a facial male structure, a deepened voice, all of these things are very difficult to change.”

In other words, it’s easier to do at that age. The fact is that children can’t necessarily know what they want at that age. How can children under 16 be asked to make a lifelong decision when they have not matured?

Children aren’t experiments and we have no idea how this will turn out.

Another problem is crazy parents. As a school administrator, I have seen far too many abusive parents. There are parents who want to hurt their children and others who are perverted enough to change a child’s sex to meet their own sick fantasies.


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