Kill the Filibuster or Dems Will Kill the Trump Agenda




We made great gains on Election Day. We’ve shown that We the People are in charge. Now our mission is to make sure promises to us are kept. But the Democrat minority in the Senate can frustrate every initiative the Trump Administration puts forth, even block his Supreme Court nominee.

The Senate Republican Conference has already elected the Senate leadership for the 115th Congress, which begins January 3rd:

Mitch McConnell (R-KY): majority leader

John Cornyn (R-TX): Senate Repub. whip

John Thune (R-SD): Senate Repub. Conference chmn.

John Barrasso (R-WY): Senate Repub. Policy Committee chmn.

Roy Blunt (R-MO): Senate Republican Conf. vice chmn.

Cory Gardner (R-CO): National Repub. Senatorial Committee chmn.

We should tell Majority Leader McConnell immediately that if he is not going to suspend the filibuster rule, he should resign as majority leader.

If he doesn’t act, we can expect the Democrats to sabotage all of President Trump’s programs, unless he’s willing to make deals with them.


A threat to filibuster Trump’s SCOTUS nominee

The sabotage will likely arise immediately with Trump’s appointment of a Supreme Court justice from his promised list. The incoming minority leader, Sen. Chuck Schumer, has already served notice that Democrats will use the filibuster to exercise a veto over Trump’s SCOTUS nominee:

“We did not change the rules for Supreme Court because we thought on something as important as this, there should be some degree of bipartisan agreement,” Schumer said, according to the Washington Times.

Should all else fail, under Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, President Trump can make a recess appointment to the Supreme Court, who would serve until January 3, 2019. The Senate only has to be in recess. SCOTUSblog explains the rules, here. But that would still leave the problem of getting legislation passed. So suspending the filibuster altogether is best.


A declaration of war

We could have a utopian senate, where legislators would join hands to pass laws for the good of the Nation. But the Democrat Party has served notice, again and again that their revolutionary subversive ideology comes first. We’ve seen proof of this in their filibuster of the bill that would’ve defunded Obama’s clearly unconstitutional amnesties. (See below.)

Now we have proof positive in their support of Rep. Keith Ellison—who has links to the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR—as their new DNC chair. This can only be viewed as a declaration of war against the President-Elect Trump, his party and the American people. During the Civil War, Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus. It’s undeniable that we are in a civil war today—with the Left; in a war, we can’t worry about the sanctity of Senate rules.


The planned destruction of the Trump agenda

Keeping the filibuster would also stop every conservative piece of legislation Republicans put forth. The only exceptions would be where reconciliation rules can be used: budget bills, and repealing ObamaCare, because it was passed with reconciliation. The rules require only a simple majority to pass legislation, and bar filibusters.

We saw Democrats use the filibuster unethically in 2015, right after we had handed the Senate to the GOP, making McConnell majority leader. In January, the House passed the DHS funding bill, H.R.240, after adding two amendments that blocked funding for Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional amnesties. House Republicans—even John Boehner, through his spokesman—pleaded with McConnell to soften the filibuster rule, to no avail.

Senate Democrats filibustered the bill four times before McConnell stripped the amendments from the bill, and sent it back to the House, where it was passed.

It should be noted that he could have passed the original House bill using reconciliation, but chose not to, thereby relieving Obama of the need to veto the DHS budget bill.

Republicans became too gun-shy to even introduce legislation, knowing it will be filibustered. We cannot allow the election losers to control the Congress, when we at last have an opportunity to make real change.


How it could be changed

The Senate could change the rules and end the Democrats’ ability to block everything the new president attempts to accomplish. It would require a series of procedural votes. Known as the “nuclear option,” it would enable McConnell to rewrite the rules with just 51 votes.

Harry Reid did just that in 2013, eliminating use of the filibuster on executive and judicial nominees, except for SCOTUS nominees. We should now eliminate it altogether.


Who opposes it

The biggest obstacle is McConnell himself. But he’s not the only one. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), when asked by the Huffington Post about ending the filibuster, replied: “Are you kidding? I’m one of the biggest advocates for the filibuster.” He is up for election in 2018.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is another opponent: “‘That’s a horrible, terrible idea,’ he said after an off-camera briefing with reporters in the Capitol,” reported HuffPo.

“Republicans hold 51 seats, and will have 52 if they win an upcoming election in Louisiana as expected.”

“Asked if he’d vote against the effort if it came to the Senate floor, he said he would ‘in a heartbeat.’”

However, when it comes to the possible filibuster of a Trump SCOTUS pick, Graham was more firm:

“‘If they try to block this pick, they will regret it,’ he told the Daily Wire. ‘If you don’t honor Trump’s nominee, you’re making a huge mistake.’” When he was asked if this implied Graham would support using the nuclear option, “his communication director, Kevin Bishop simply repeated his words with no further comment: ‘They will regret it.’”

Even if both these senators opposed the nuclear option, we would still have 50 votes, plus one vote from the incoming president of the Senate, Mike Pence, to make a majority.

But there are other possible obstructionists: Susan Collins (R-ME), John McCain (R-AZ) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK).


Thwarting the will of the American people

Some Senators, however, see opposition to dropping the filibuster as opposing the American people:

“If the Senate keeps the filibuster rule,” said Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), “they are ceding to the Democrats the power to block every constructive change we need to make legislatively.

“And so the Senate needs to make a decision. Are they going to be with the American people or were the Republican senators sent to Washington, D.C., to empower Democrats to re-impose gridlock?”

Here are the contacts for the Senate leadership:


Phone: (202) 224-2541

His chief of staff:

Brian McGuire


Phone: (202) 224-2541





Also: @OrrinHatch Phone: (202) 224-5251

@LindseyGrahamSC Phone: (202) 224-5972

You can also send Mr. Trump a copy by adding: @RealDonaldTrump or @vDonaldTrump to your tweet.

Be sure to include conservative hashtags so others will read your tweets: #maga, #tcot, #ccot.

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5 years ago

Good to know more about the alternate universe you, the enemy, live in.

5 years ago

WE THE PEOPLE elected Hillary by a potential 2 million votes. Your treasonous Putin loving Cheeto does not represent us.

5 years ago

The more upset you libtard Hillbots get the more I know that our country will return to normalcy.

Gregg, Mommy’s calling you in for milk and cookies. Make sure not to go ka-ka in your pants.