Killer Claims PTSD Without Ever Having Served in Combat


Eddie Ray Routh

As the trial of Eddie Ray Routh winds down, a psychiatrist for the prosecution testified that Routh was faking Schizophrenia. He said Routh has a paranoid personality disorder and regularly drank heavily and smoked weed laced with PCP.

If he was faking a mental illness, that wasn’t all he was faking according to The Warfighter Foundation.

The media is still reporting that he has PTSD but that might not be the case.

The defense claims that his experiences in Iraq and Haiti caused trauma that eventually led him to murder Chris Kyle – the American Sniper – and Chad Littlefield.

In an effort to help the public better understand post traumatic stress and how it is unrelated to Eddie R. Routh, The Warfighter Foundation is sharing Routh’s Official Military Personnel File with the public.cra

First, they say he was in combat in Iraq. That is false, he has no Combat Action Ribbon, which means he never participated in any combat action.


Second, they say he was on shore in Haiti cleaning up dead bodies. That is also false, he never lever left the ship.

Please feel free to review Eddie R. Routh’s Official Military Personnel File by clicking this link: USMC (ROUTH) (REDACTED) 15-3085

Source: The Warfighter Foundation


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