Kim calls Biden a “rabid dog” who should be “beaten to death with a stick”


In a fun moment today during the D.C. witch trial, The North Korean Central News Agency said Thursday that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden should be “beaten to death with a stick,” calling him a “rabid dog.”

The news agency insulted the former vice president in a post that warned the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will inflict “merciless punishment” on those who “slander the dignity of the supreme leadership.”

The insults came as a result of the former vice president calling North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un a “murderous dictator” in an essay on Medium.

That is true, he is.

Biden attacks President Donald Trump regularly for his relationship with the North Korean dictator and thinks Trump’s his friend when he assuages Kim’s huge ego.

In the Medium post, Biden said that Trump’s “‘love letters’ to murderous dictator Kim Jong Un have delivered little more than made-for-TV moments.”

Well, that’s not exactly true. We haven’t had to deal with nuclear tests in any significant way. And, Biden, for his part, thinks China is our great ally and presents no threat. Biden doesn’t know much about foreign affairs. So, what’s Biden’s solution in dealing with Kim, the crazy dictator?

North Korea responded to Biden and they sounded insane as usual, saying he is “a rabid dog only keen on getting at others’ throats.”

“Such rabid dogs are second to none in their craftiness in seeking their own interests,” the news agency added.

Biden will undoubtedly blame Trump for that tweet, but it’s Kim who loves to get in on the action. He’s an attention whore.

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