Kim Jong Un’s Half Brother Executed in Malaysia by North Korean Spies


Kim Jong Nam in 2010

Kim Jong Un’s half brother Kim Jong Nam was executed in an airport in Malaysia on Monday by “female North Korean spies with poison needle”. He was estranged from Kim Jong Un and has lived mostly abroad, the telegraph reported.

Relatives and advisors in the government have been meeting unfortunate ends under Un’s bloody rule. Kim Jong Un has been purging his government of late.

It is believed that two women, believed to be North Korean spies, jabbed Nam with poisoned needles causing his death en route to the hospital. The “sudden death” is under investigation and no cause of death has been assigned until toxicology results are in.

Nam was originally to be the heir-apparent to Kim Jong Il but in 2001 he was arrested at Tokyo’s Narita Airport after trying to enter Japan on a forged Dominican Republic passport. He told police that he had wanted to visit Disneyland with his family.

The embarrassing incident led to his estrangement and to his exile by his father.

North Korean spies attempted to kill Kim Jong Nam in Macau in 2011. A bloody shootout with Mr Kim’s bodyguards ensued, but he managed to escape with his life.

In 2010, the late Mr. Jong Nam said he didn’t believe in succession and hoped for reform. All that would be unpopular with his younger brother who is believed to have ordered the assassination.

Kim Jong Nam changed after his schooling: “After I went back to North Korea following my education in Switzerland, I grew further apart from my father because I insisted on reform and market-opening and was eventually viewed with suspicion,” he told the newspaper.

Kim Jong Un has no problem killing people. A report issued by South Korea’s Institute for National Security in December 2016 claimed that Kim Jong Un had personally ordered the execution of 340 people since he came to power in December 2011.

The regime’s willingness to execute anyone who shows anything short of complete loyalty to the regime is indicated by the scale of mass graves apparently discovered late last year using satellite imagery.

Most victims are shot in public executions, but some are killed by anti-aircraft weapons or flame-throwers.

Even the appearance of anything less than complete loyalty could get a person sent to a death camp.

When his father Kim Jong Il died, it was imperative that the populace pretend they were distraught over his death. The “mourners” looked like they were faking it to much of the world who mocked them in newspapers worldwide. The result was Kim Jong Un had his drones scan videos or simply get people to report those who didn’t cry or who didn’t cry sincerely enough. Many of those reported were then sent to labor re-training camps for six months. Others were banished to remote areas with their families.

It is believed thousands were sent to camps.

North Korea has two prison camps or zones, one is for people who committed serious crimes and no one ever leaves that zone. The second is for less serious crimes such as criticizing the government or trying to flee the country.

Sentences in the second zone or Revolutionary Zone Camps range from a few months to 10 years. Forty percent of inmates in the camps die from malnutrition and every former inmate interviewed witnessed at least one public execution.

The UN thugs and Jimmy Carter didn’t cry for Kim Jong Il, but they did honor him.

Kim Jong Il was honored by the UN General Assembly of fools, minus the U.S., with a moment of silence after his death.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter sent a personal condolence letter to Kim Jong Un. Carter wished the next leader of North Korea “every success as he assumes his new responsibility of leadership, looking forward to another visit to (North Korea) in the future.”

Jimmy Carter wants a dictator of a repressive regime to have every success. Could Carter be any more despicable?

Witness the degradation of the individual by a totalitarian society

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