Kimmel Tries to Eke Out Insults of Trump After Kanye Says “Liberals Can’t Bully Me”


Open borders, free lunch Kimmel interviewed Kanye West for a little over 20 minutes last night, trying to put him on the spot with the liberal audience and eke out an insult of the President.

At about 4:10 on the video below, West said that when he told people he liked Trump, he was told he would be kicked out of the black community. Mr. West doesn’t want to be told he has to have a monolithic thought because he’s black. When he put the MAGA hat on, it was about “overcoming fear” of backlash. “Liberals can’t bully me,” he said. [5:00 on the mark]

At about 10:14, West talked about trying ‘love’ to get us out of this cycle of hate we are in. Kimmel then went into a long dishonest portrayal of people being torn apart at the border. Then he said he — Kanye — was the one who said George Bush doesn’t care about black people, so what makes him think President Trump does. Kimmel gave West under 3 seconds to think about it and answer. Then he cut to break.

That gave the media the hate headlines Kanye said he doesn’t want. West, the media said, went silent when asked about Trump’s policies.

The media immediately personalized it as an attack against the President.

Kanye already said he wasn’t a politician and a policy expert. In the past, he has said he doesn’t like everything the President does but he loves him. His wife Kim Kardashian West said she hopes the President succeeds and it’s what we all should want. Neither Kanye or Kim appear to be conservatives but they try to think independently.

Kanye is very funny and honest. He spoke about bipolar illness towards the end.


Candace Owens nailed it with this tweet: “This is super inspiring. But I didn’t like when @JimmyKimmelLive lied directly to Kanye’s face and told him it was a Trump policy that separated kids at the border. How can you lie directly to someone’s face like that?
Trump didn’t start that policy, he ended it.”

Far-left outlets complained about all the children separated from parents by Barack Obama but the media now forgets that. The media also ignored the fact that 80 percent of the children “separated” weren’t separated.



  1. Intolerant Marxist Left will punish anyone who disagrees with their Utopian schemes for total control of all citizens in this country and definitely will demolish any black person who attempts to escape the Liberal Plantation.

  2. Kanye West also apologized for what he said about Bush. I guess I can forgive Kimmel for not knowing that because unlike the original statement that ran on a seemingly endless loop, the apology was presented for about a nanosecond.

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