King Obama Vetoed the Pipeline Because It “Removed His Authority”


king Obama

President Obama’s veto will stand on Keystone. It is the one bill that had the best chance of passing. The NY Times sees this as proof all his vetoes will stand and they are probably correct.

A NY Times article posted Wednesday gave Obama’s reason for the veto.

This is a direct quote from the Times:

Mr. Obama indicated that he vetoed the bill not because of the pipeline itself, but rather because the bill would have removed his authority to make the final decision on the project.

In an interview on Monday with Reuters, Mr. Obama said that he could issue a final decision within “weeks or months” — or “by the end of my administration.”

The Times article offered no other reason. Perhaps President Obama wants us to know that his authority cannot be challenged by Congress.

The Keystone Pipeline has been under review since 2008 and it has been under heavy assault by very far-left “environmentalists”.


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