King Salman Will Allow Women to Drive, So Big of Him, Really


King Salman of Saudi Arabia issued a royal decree allowing women to drive. We are writing this in 2017.

It’s so big of him, really, what a sport.

Women still won’t be allowed to do much else without a man’s permission, including buying a car.

Women in the Kingdom generally need permission from a male guardian to travel, work, marry, receive healthcare and leave prison. It was the only country that didn’t allow women to drive.

The police force follows women around everywhere and if they go into a restaurant, they have to eat in a family section or eat fully covered.

Couples getting married are not allowed to see each other before the marriage.

Potentates and wealthy Arabians still buy women in slave markets though slavery was allegedly ended in 1962. Women are chattel.

A great example of the Kingdom’s treatment of women can be seen in the case of 24-year old Dina Ali who was trying to escape a forced marriage but was stopped in the Philippines on her way to Australia and freedom. She was returned to Saudi Arabia and  imprisoned. She feared she would be killed by her family.

Saudi Arabia has stepped into the modern age and the government tracks the women. If they cross borders, a text is sent to their male guardian, warning them.

The Wahhabi interpretation of law requires male guardians to give consent for a woman to leave the country by signing a “yellow sheet” at the airport or border.

Even men suffer because of the treatment of women. Three men were banished from the kingdom in April because they are too handsome and might cause women to sin.

Transgenders, women or men, and gays are treated brutally.

Saudi Arabia is the country that ranks 141 out of 144 countries for gender equality according to the World Economic Forum.

This is sharia law.

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