Kirsten Gillibrand Says You Can’t Have Opioid Meds for More Than 7 Days


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is going to tell you how many opioids you can have after surgery. The politicians won’t do a thing about the open borders, but they are going to tell the elderly and sick people how many pills they can have.

Are you tired of politicians telling you what you can or cannot have? They will let us have all the marijuana we want, and they won’t come between a woman and her doctor when it comes to a fully-developed baby being aborted, but they will tell you how much medicine you can have for acute pain.

These Democrats want to control everything and be involved in every aspect of our lives. They want to tell us what we can say, eat, learn, believe, do from cradle to grave. If you like this, vote for a Democrat.

The responses were good and consistent.

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