Kirsten Powers Piles on Bill O’Reilly with a Ridiculous Complaint of Sex Discrimination


Former Fox analyst Kirsten Powers piled on Bill O’Reilly with a petty complaint of sex discrimination, adding some gossip she picked up at Fox for good measure.

She told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that O’Reilly kept forgetting Margaret Hoover’s name on air. Hoover, a former Fox analyst, is also a blonde. Powers says O’Reilly didn’t know their names and only knew them as blondes in a sea of blonde women who appeared on Fox News.

Powers said O’Reilly thanked them for their “blonde-ness.”

Bill was obviously joking and this proves my point that leftists have absolutely no sense of humor because she was grievously insulted.

She was so offended that she went to her boss, the executive producer, and to Roger Ailes to demand an apology. She didn’t bother going to O’Reilly first.

When she complained to former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes, she recalled him saying, “It’s Bill. He’s a jerk. Nobody likes him. And then Roger said, you know, Bill likes to put up dirty pictures and ask pretty girls to talk about them. And then he said, what am I going to do, he makes so much money, what am I going to do?”

The left-wing talking head told O’Reilly’s executive producer about O’Reilly’s abhorrent behavior. She said she wouldn’t appear on his show again if he acted like this and demanded an apology.

O’Reilly refused to apologize.

That Roger Ailes conversation is gossip by the way. We haven’t confirmed that although CNN is reporting it as bona fide news.

Powers said she quit O’Reilly’s show for three years because she wouldn’t work for a Neanderthal.

Eventually, she returned to the show, apparently no longer minding working for an ape. “We actually ended up having a quite a good relationship,” she said.

This is the woman who in 2002 briefly dated Anthony Weiner. In fact, she defended him when his sexting first became public. Eventually, she changed her mind.

Anderson Cooper, the original pajama boy, couldn’t imagine all this being tolerated at Fox.

Cooper hopes to see CNN become the top rated cable show and with Fox going down the tubes, it’s likely to happen. Fake news and gossip newscasters are very popular and CNN has plenty of those.

Their petty gossip mongering says more about them then it does Bill O’Reilly.

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