You Knew the EPA Energy Star Program Is a Big Lie Based on No Scientific Data, Right?


An N4Mation article by Connor Coughlin should leave Americans stunned. You know all those Energy Star products you’ve been made to buy because of the billions they’ve allegedly saved in energy costS? It’s based on a lie and no scientific studies. Actual breakthrough technology that does dramatically save energy has been ingored in favor of Energy Star which feeds the Billionaires Club.

NASA Electrical Engineer Frank Nola invented a electronic motor control technology known as the Nola Controller in the late 1970’s which is employed in spacecraft and tens of millions of applications daily back here on planet Earth. This genius invented the algorithm that delivers the optimum amount of energy to electrical motors.

He’s the genius, not the EPA bureaucrats who feed the wealthy standing to benefit from EPA rules. The EPA wouldn’t use the Nola technology, the technology of the “non-profit” scientist who actually does produce cost-effective products.

His invention is a threat to government “certified” energy efficient products — so it’s banned.

The EPA spews the tales of hundreds of billions in savings thanks to Energy Star but their science is a secret. It is responsible, however, for a mega-billion dollar industry. It’s a well-known fact that there are no studies or evidence to back their claims. Mainstream media, academics and environmental activists know this is the case.

“There has never been a National Standard for the measurement and verification of energy-savings in electrical technologies and products, yet lawyers somehow crafted rules mandating the exclusive use of Energy Star by the government in the United States,” Mr. Coughlin explains.

European and Asian countries use the same fraudulent EPA standard and Energy Star is the primary source for the Paris Climate agreement.

Energy Star is “based on estimations by bureaucrats as directed by the EPA; Lead By Example guidelines released in 2009, in which bureaucrats are instructed to base their energy-savings estimates on the number of Energy Star products purchased or Green-built buildings erected,” Mr. Coughlin writes.

“Therefore bureaucrats have a financial incentive to expand their empires by providing bureaucrats a financial incentive to expand their bureaucratic empires by joining EPA Partnerships with the new Clean Energy Economy controlled by the EPA Billionaires Club, group described in a 2014 Senate Report,” Mr. Coughlin continues.

Obama’s Save Energy Now program has 24 universities mired in its boondoggle. They provide taxpayer-funded “free” audits and delusional information about the savings it produces. It’s all based on no scientific data whatsoever.

President Trump recently closed out the Energy Star program which mandates government only purchase energy star products and services from EPA partners.

This opens up a trillion dollar market for American businesses. It could allow the Nola invention to be used.

Mr Coughlin writes, “If EPA can claim to have saved hundreds of billions of dollars without ever identifying a single technology installed, imagine how much money could really be saved through the actual installation of real technologies by  professionals with license to engage in the electrical industry. If you’re into jobs and wealth creation, here is a topic worthy of a sober conversation.”

“Which brings us back to the invention of a real rocket scientist and all-round freaking genius, Frank Nola the man who created one of the most important technological breakthroughs since Nikola Tesla introduced the alternating current system and polyphase induction motor. The true reason for banning Nola technology had nothing to do with science, but the acceptance of ENERGY STAR as the sole source of energy efficiency for government leaders around the world.”

The Nola Controller technology has been updated and it is one of most advanced technologies on planet Earth. Will the ban on Nola’s invention finally be lifted along with other advanced technologies.

What the EPA has promised but not delivered might be within our grasp. Perhaps the American public will be allowed to see the evidence without being told to blindly accept their standards and their rules.

Read the article on this link, it’s much better than the summary you are reading here.

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Uncle Tom
Uncle Tom
6 years ago

Sh!tcan the entire epa! This is beyond Unacceptable!