Knocking Off Another Secretary? They’re Attacking the VA Secretary’s Travel Now


The Washington Post is coming after Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin for travel expenses. Once the President let Dr. Price go over travel, it became open season. They were after the President for his travel originally. It’s another way to trash the administration, knocking them off one at a time.

The Post report said that Secretary Shulkin attended a tennis match in Wimbledon, toured Westminster Abbey and took a cruise on the Thames. The 10-day trip included meetings with Danish and British officials about veterans’ health issues so taxpayers picked up part of the tab.

So what?

The Post said that their anonymous source told them he and his wife spent half their time sightseeing.

Again, so what?

The complaint is that the wife was covered for part of the trip and could have been covered for up to $3600. However, that is not unusual for required trips.


This is bogus.

It’s possible Dr. Price’s situation was also bogus. They drummed up the expenses to a million dollars but he only had to reimburse for $51,000. All of the expenses were approved before and after the trip.

This is an easy path to knock off a few more in the administration.

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