Knuckleheads Superglue Themselves to Doorjambs to Save the Earth


A total of 17 environmental extremists used Gorilla Glue to fasten their hands to the doorjambs of a tunnel connecting the Capitol to the House office buildings. Another 15 people or so were helping out.

“We are superglued to the tunnels under the Capitol because what other choice do we have when our politicians choose money over life?” read a tweet from Extinction Rebellion Washington, D.C.

The tunnel from Cannon to Capitol closed due to protestors. A Capitol Police officer said it’s a crime scene.

Their achievements with this action included hurting themselves, damaging property and getting arrested. They also look ridiculous to most normal people.

The group they represent, Extinction Rebellion, is proud of their questionable accomplishment.

On their Twitter page, one wrote, “So proud of our chapter for pulling this off! In jail we calculated that it took 50 people, each playing a specialized role, to . We brought business as usual to a halt to demand a declaration of ! And we’re just getting started!”

Hard-left revolutionaries love to get arrested.

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