Koran Doesn’t Allow Vaccination as Measles Outbreak Spreads Among Minnesota Somalis


California Leprosy being covered up.

Measles can be a deadly disease and it was essentially eradicated in the United States.  \It was, that is, until unvaccinated Somali refugees in Minnesota contracted it stretching the health care system. Somalis refuse to be vaccinated because the Koran commands them not to, reports WND.

Diseases we wiped out are coming back.

It’s not Somali refugees and it’s not only measles.

The media is trying to make this a case of right-wingers refusing to be vaccinated but it’s not.

Native children will get it too because you can’t get the vaccination at too early an age. Personally, I know this to be true from medical professionals I am in contact with. The refugees are coming in with highly contagious diseases.

How is all that diversity working out for you?

Go to 7:16 on the video to hear that the refugees are coming in with diseases such as HIV, TB, Smallpox, Polio, Leprosy. These refugees are flown in under darkness of night.


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