Koskinen Obstructs Justice While Working on a Fat Government Pension


Partisan hack, longtime Democratic donor and IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen, has unreasonably delayed every FOIA request and ignored every court order to turn over documents on the IRS scandal and the infamous Lois Lerner.

After promising at his nomination hearing that he would be honest and open, he’s done exactly the opposite and he’s smug about it.

A hearing took place Thursday as a result  of a Judicial Watch lawsuit requesting documents related to the IRS targeting scandal.

During the status hearing, Judge Emmet Sullivan warned that the failure to follow his order was serious and the IRS and Justice Department’s excuses for not following his July 1 order were “indefensible, ridiculous, and absurd.”

Katie Pavlich writing for Townhall quoted Judge Sullivan as saying, “I will haul into court the IRS Commissioner to hold him personally into contempt.”

Trey Gowdy said the House may vote to hold Koskinen in contempt.

The House sent a letter to Barack Obama asking that he be fired for obstruction of justice. Chairman Jason Chaffetz said if Koskinen isn’t fired, the House may move to impeach him.

Last week, Judicial Watch finally obtained hundreds of pages of new emails from the IRS that appear to be the smoking gun proving Lois Lerner and other top officials in the IRS Tax-Exempt office closely monitored and approved the highly questionable handling of tax-exempt applications by Tea Party organizations.

The emails were found by an IRS Internal watchdog.

Judicial Watch claims they show an awareness of the implications of the targeting and an abuse of the process to extend the delays in processing applications from conservative groups.

When Koskinen was nominated by Barack Obama in 2013, he said that the IRS targeting of Conservative groups was not necessarily illegal. He rejected the notion that the IRS targeting was improper.

He has repeatedly insisted the IRS is short-staffed and insists he wants to grow the monstrous IRS behemoth.

When the Lois Lerner hard drive was allegedly erased, Koskinen, with unmitigated arrogance and hubris, smirked when responding to questions from Congress. At one hearing, he said the IRS owes no apologies for the unbelievable epidemic of hard-drive failures among officials involved in the targeting scheme, whose e-mails Congress spent years demanding from the IRS. You can hear that in the clip below,

Last July, Judicial Watch was finally able to get some of the stunning Lois Lerner emails after a year’s delay by Koskinen. In the emails, Lois Lerner warned her colleagues to be careful about what they say in emails because Congress has been asking for them. She wrote to an IRS tech staffer asking whether the instant message communications were stored automatically. He said no but the records could be stored if employees copied them, she replied, “Perfect.”

There is little doubt that the IRS targeted Conservative groups and it took place after Max Baucus, Chuck Schumer and other Democrats called for an investigation of Tea Party “extremists”.

Max Baucus, Chairman of the Finance Committee, was one of those leading the investigation into the IRS targeting of Conservative groups but he was one of the Democrats who insisted they be scrutinized in the first place.

Baucus wrote a letter to then-IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman dated September 28, 2010 urging the IRS to investigate nonprofit conservative groups during the Tea Party-dominated 2010 midterm elections.

In February 2012, Sen. Chuck Schumer D-N.Y., together with Sens. Al Franken, D-Minn., Michael Bennet, D-Colo., Sheldon Whitehouse. D-R.I., Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., and Tom Udall D-N.M.wrote a letter to the IRS Commissioner asking for an investigation of all these “social welfare organizations.”

“We write to inquire if the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) is investigating or intends to investigate whether groups designated as “social welfare” organizations, and thus receiving tax and other advantages under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), 26 U.S.C. § 501(c)(4), are improperly engaged in a substantial or even a predominant amount of campaign activity,” the letter read.

Judicial Watch uncovered proof that 292 Conservative groups were targeted and no Liberal groups.

Lois Lerner, who called Conservatives, “a$$h&les” and “crazies”, was caught discussing the pressure being put on the IRS to do something about the money being spent by Conservatives on the election as a result of Citizens United.

The Democrats took a big hit during the 2010 election and it was after the election that the targeting began.

After the election, Lois Lerner made the unusual decision to put Conservative groups through a ‘multi-tier review process’ that involved sending some files to the IRS chief counsel’s office. This was after officials such as Carter Hull said they had enough information to rule on their cases.

In other cases, such as that of Obama’s brother’s charity, Lois Lerner speedily approved the application – within a month. The charity, ostensibly in Virginia, isn’t even registered in Virginia.

There is no way this went down without Barack Obama knowing. He is getting away with an abuse of government that Richard Nixon only dreamed about.

Barack Obama said there was “not a smidgeon of corruption” and that it was a “phony scandal.” He is still saying it. He deserves to be impeached also.




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