Krauthammer – Obama’s Changing the Balance of Power in the ME – Betraying Our Allies – to Partner With Iran


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Barack Obama is betraying our allies and he is changing the balance of power in the Middle East. He is even threatening to abandon Israel. In one recent comment, he offered Iran the possibility of becoming a regional power if they sign a nuclear deal. Obama is allowing Iran to take over Iraq and ignores their presence in other nations, including Afghanistan. Charles Krauthammer believes that Barack Obama sees himself as a partner with Iran even though it will be a betrayal of all our allies, in the Sunni nations and in Israel.

In the video below, Charles Krauthammer gives a stunning and very plausible description of Obama’s mid-East policy, a policy that could lead to WW III as the countries in the region prepare for a possible nuclear holocaust.

Krauthammer, in an interview with Bill O’Reilly Monday evening, responded to Bill’s talking points memo below.

Krauthammer reminded Bill that the “surge obviously succeeded” and Iraq was stable for three years after the surge but Barack Obama “liquidated our presence and…as result, internally, the country fell apart.”

The Iranians have filled the vacuum left by the U.S.

ISIS is being “slowed” or “stymied” in Iraq but that is by “Iranian troops, Iranian command, Iraqi-Shiite militias…” Krauthammer said.

Quoting Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Krauthammer stated the fact that “lraq is being handed over into the hands of Iran,” adding, “That’s the Obama policy. He does have a policy.”

Bill O’Reilly said Barack Obama doesn’t understand what’s going on in the Middle East or he doesn’t care. There can be no middle ground.

He does have “a very strange serenity” about t”he meltdown, the fact that we are being driven out of our last redout”, having to evacuate Yemen, and we did have to evacuate Libya. “Iran is now taking our place in Iraq, he does have this “strange detachment,” Krauthammer said in partial agreement.

Despite reality,  Krauthammer said, “He [Obama] thinks he is a strategic genius and that the Iran nuclear deal is not just as you were implying intended as a distraction from the failure of the war on terror, but is a solution to our losing the war on terror.”

“He thinks he is going to do a Nixon to China. He is the man who is going to develop the entente, the understanding, the condominium with Iran to run the Middle East. We will join with them. We are going to recognize their presence, their dominance in Iraq, in Syria, in Lebanon, and now in Yemen as that will be the reward for having cut a deal with us on nuclear weapons.”

“That’s impossible, O’Reilly said, “because if that ever were to come true, we would alienate all of the Sunni nations. Saudi Arabia, the Emirates…”

“But that’s exactly what he’s doing.”

O’Reilly interrupted, “we’d alienate… the nations that are allied now with the United States. President Obama would betray all of them by giving Iran more power..”

“But that’s exactly what he’s doing,” Krauthammer repeated.

It was like a light went off for O’Reilly and suddenly all became clear.

O’Reilly said, “If his vision is ‘I’m going to sign a deal on nukes favorable to Iran, they’re going to give me equal partnership in running the Middle East. If he thinks that could ever, ever happen, he’s…that’s insanity. That’s not bad policy. It’s insanity.”

“That’s what is happening”, Krauthammer said and explained it is what the allies think and they are “aghast…they are aghast at what he’s doing, thinking he is going to somehow going to pacify the Middle East as a partner of Iran.”

Krauthammer emphasized the fact that it is what our allies believe and that’s why our allies are looking for allies. “They are being betrayed”.

It’s so crazy, it’s so crazy if true, O’Reilly said dumbfounded. He said he can’t believe that our president at this stage would think that to change the balance of power in the Middle East wouldn’t end up in maybe WW III.”

“But this exactly what he is doing in the region,” Krauthammer responded. “This is exactly why the Gulf Arabs have their hair standing on end and on fire, they are being betrayed, they know it, they’re looking for allies and ironically, they’re now in a de facto alliance, Egypt, the Gulf states, the Jordanians with Israel.”

He included the fact that Obama said he doesn’t need a George Kennen* right now because he is the great “strategic genius.”

O’Reilly wound the conversation down with an exclamation. “Wow, if that’s true, that’s just absolutely off the chart. We’re speculating here now Charles, we’re speculating, but there is unbelievable turmoil in the Middle East right now, in almost every area of the Middle East right now.”

As the last word, Krauthammer reminded O’Reilly that Obama said if we get a nuclear deal, Iran could be “a regional power.” If you are in Saudi Arabia hearing that, “you don’t sleep at night.”

Just because “it doesn’t make sense from our point of view, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening,” Krauthammer said.

* In a NY Times article dated February 27, 2014, Obama volunteered to David Remnick, “I don’t really even need George Kennan right now.”


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