Krauthammer: The Insurance Bailout Gets Us to Single Payer


Justin Furman, Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Affairs was asked if there was a Plan B if not enough young, healthy people sign up for the Obamacare (ACA) exchanges. Furman said the plan is to get as many young, healthy people to sign up as possible.


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In other words, there is no Plan B. If they don’t get the young and healthy, insurance companies will have nowhere to go but to the government for a bailout. The bailout turns them into an arm of government. Eventually, taxpayers will be paying for everyone on the exchanges and Medicaid. Plan B is single payer and this is how we get there.

Listen to Charles Krauthammer explain:

Charles Krauthammer suggests that this is an opportunity for the GOP to present a bill preventing a bailout of the insurance companies in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. He sees it as a winner but will the GOP do it? Marco Rubio is pushing for just such a bill in the Senate. We need the House to step up.

Contact your representatives and tell them you don’t want insurance company bailouts.

Read about the bailout on this link.


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