KT McFarland Explains De Facto Nuclear Iran, What Obama Cares About


Pastor Abedini

Pastor Abedini, abandoned

Mr. Obama’s officials did discuss US Pastor Saeed Abedini’s situation during the recent nuclear talks. He easily could have demanded the Pastor be returned as a gimme, but instead, the Pastor is now in a far worse prison than he was in before. Mr. Obama doesn’t care about Pastor Abedini. He didn’t care about the US soldier held in Afghanistan when he returned the 5 Taliban terrorists. He doesn’t care about Dr. Afridi as he pours $1.5 billion in aid into Pakistan without demanding the doctor’s return.

What does he care about?

He does care about golfing and he cares about fundraising. He is now on a three-day fundraising blitz talking about immigration reform while Obamacare is hurting Americans. He doesn’t care about the 5.5 million people who are losing healthcare insurance or winding up on Obamacaid. The victims are acceptable collateral damage in Mr. Obama’s massive redistribution fraud. The redistribution is what is important. The end justifies the means.

Mr. Obama cared about making the deal with Iran at all costs. The cynical among us would say it is in part a distraction from Obamacare as is immigration reform. It is an attempt to bolster his credentials and his poll numbers.

Mr. Obama worked out a deal with Iran that says, if you want to keep their enriched uranium, you can keep it.

Iran will, in the least, become a de facto nuclear power as a result of this deal.

We are no longer saying Iran cannot get a nuclear weapon. We are saying they can keep them if they are kept a level below weapons grade, but is that good enough?

There is some hope that this will result in a situation similar to Nixon and China or, it could result in what many people fear – a nuclear arms race in the region. As KT McFarland said this morning on Fox News, it depends on what the countries in the region think and how they react.

Listen to this incisive analysis:

The people Mr. Obama does seem to care about, the Mullahs of Iran:


It is likely that the US will now have to constantly be on the alert for the development of Iran’s nuclear program. The lesson Iran has learned from the deal is that lying about their intentions has paid off. They want nuclear weapons and they will get them. We will never again have peace.

Read Jay Sekulow’s comments about Pastor Abedini at Fox News.


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