Kurds Surrender to Assad and Putin to Fend Off Erdogan’s Forces


The U.S. has pulled all soldiers out of Northern Syria as Turkey continues its advance on Kurdish strongholds, reportedly committing war crimes. Upon this news, Kurds have made a deal with Bashar al-Assad and it was brokered by Russia. The U.S. will not be allowed to return.

Hundreds of ISIS have broken free of their prisons.

Axios reports that the President’s actions have caused a bipartisan backlash. This action will banish the entire Kurdish portion of Syria.

The Kurds have effectively surrendered and all the land will be returned to Assad.

The primarily Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who allied with the U.S. in the fight against ISIS, has struck a deal with the Syrian government to help protect the northeastern Syrian border against a military offensive by Turkey, the Washington Post reports.

The deal will result in forces loyal to the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is also backed by Russia and Iran, returning to areas that had been under Kurdish control for 7 years.

Earlier on Sunday, Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced that the U.S. would relocate 1,000 troops from northeastern Syria as fighting escalated. That was the impetus.

And in the midst of the fighting, ISIS prisoners have escaped.

President Trump will be hurt by this. He outsourced the Middle East to our enemies. It is what he said he would do.

The Kurds and the Syrians will now fight the Turks.

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