Kyle Kashuv Gives Left a Taste of Their Own Medicine


We all know Stoneman survivor David Hogg has called for a boycott of Laura Ingraham and, with the help of radical leftists like Media Matters, it is successful and growing.

Kyle Kashuv, also a Stoneman survivor, launched his own boycott, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, against MSNBC’s sponsors after an MSNBC contributor, Kurt Eichenwald, personally attacked him. Kyle is being cyberbullied by an old guy.

Kyle put up his highlights of Eichenwald-isms.

Eichenwald’s bio has him down as an MSNBC contributor, but, as it turns out, Eichenwald was mistaken. He doesn’t work at MSNBC.

Here are MSNBC’s sponsors. A number of Kashuv supporters called for a boycott and here it is.

They are getting results.

Eventually, no one will advertise on TV — it’s a win-win.

Eichenwald got scared and apologized, claiming…wait for it…wait…wait…he meant his tweets for a different Kyle.

Kyle accepted his apology with a proviso.

Still, Eichenwald, a notorious obsessively compulsive individual, won’t go away. He’s trolling Kyle even as we speak.

Kyle wonders who this other Kyle, this doppelganger is who Eichenwald thought he was writing to.

There is a lot more on the Twitter feed with people like Ben Shapiro jumping in. It’s entertaining and a lot more enjoyable than Hogg’s.

There Is A Serious Problem Here

The serious, unAmerican boycott against Laura Ingraham and almost everyone at Fox is harmful. The left is going after advertisers to destroy the network. They don’t want people on the right to have a voice.

The advertising summary for Fox can be found at this link. There is a limited number of advertisers and eventeen of Ingraham’s have bowed out over David Hogg.

After watching O’Reilly’s sponsors disappear in days, it is a concern.


  1. Good for you Kyle Kashuv, keep it up, show the hypocrite left that young people like you aren’t all like their little puppet boy David Hogg!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep pushing Hogg mouth for a gun debate,

  2. How can Hogg be considered a survivor when he wasn’t even in the building where the shooting took place? We need to label him what he is, a terrorist attacking our constitution.

  3. I’m looking for a claw back lawyer because Kurt at the NY Slimes hoodwinked 144,000 Pru-Bache investors to sell their billion dollar investment in producing oil properties in Texas. Today’s valuation is in the trillions. 144,000 investors lost a fortune.

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