LA Dems to Purge Jefferson Who Purchased It, Jackson Who Saved It


The Louisiana Purchase was a major accomplishment of President Thomas Jefferson, but Louisiana officials don’t care as he is the next to be purged. Social Justice Warriors and cultural Marxists – communists – are winning the statewide battle to eradicate Jefferson.

It’s not only Jefferson. Both Jefferson and Jackson are being reviled throughout the south because they owned slaves.

Historical statues are being ripped down throughout the South, first of confederates, but it’s now being extended to anyone who owned slaves when it was legal to do so. It is especially troubling in Louisiana where the Democratic Party won’t even use the names of Jefferson or Jackson.

The Louisiana Democratic Party has announced that it will change the name of its annual “Jefferson-Jackson” dinner to the bland and unremarkable True Blue Gala.

The annual dinner is held all across America to honor both historical Founding Fathers President Andrew Jackson and President Thomas Jefferson.

In the words of the Louisiana Democratic Party chairwoman, removing Jefferson and Jackson was done “to reflect the progress of the party and the changing times.”

What she should have said is there is no respect for our history, our culture, or even reality among them.

The attacks on our Founding Fathers and early fighters for freedom are widespread.

Jefferson has been attacked as unacceptable at the university he founded, and efforts have been made to remove Jackson’s towering statue in New Orleans.

Gen. Andrew Jackson, a ferocious patriot and unrelenting believer in America’s destiny as the world’s greatest country, saved Louisiana from the British after they refused to acknowledge the purchase.

Jackson brought the nation to victory over the British in the Battle of New Orleans, one of the most significant military victories in the history of the United States.

The faults these men had were always overshadowed by the gallant battles they fought to save and preserve liberty and the United States, but no more if you’re a Democrat. They listen to the hard-left now.

Jefferson and Jackson owned slaves when it was legal to do so. Those were different times and they did nothing wrong in the early days of the Republic. Morally it’s reprehensible but we can’t take people out of their times and judge them.

Ironically, in the Civil War, which nearly ended American liberty, it was those who embraced Jefferson’s immortal Declaration of Independence and Jackson’s militant unionism that saved the country and brought an end to the stain of slavery for good.

This Marxist movement to tear down our Founding Fathers and later presidents who saved the Republic is not about these men, it’s about purging our culture, destroying our beliefs in country, and rewriting our history to create a new United States, one that is extreme hard-left and a lot less free. There is no question the PC Democrats are in full support of it.

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