LA Judge Bans Law Enforcement Restrictions Against Gangs


LA law enforcement will be blocked from fighting gangs adequately thanks to a Clinton-appointed judge.

Los Angeles Times reports that the city can no longer enforce its remaining gang injunctions, according to an order issued by Chief U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips.

She determined that the [unAmerican] ACLU will likely prove that those who are subject to the injunctions suffered a due process violation. The city did not give them an opportunity to challenge the civil restraining orders in court, she ruled.

No judge before has blocked the LA officials from enforcing the injunctions in place since the ’80s and ’90s when gangs ran so wild they gained national attention.

The ACLU has argued on the grounds that they target gangs rather than individual gang members and violate due process in doing so.

Transnational Gangs Can Once Again Act Unimpeded

Gangs, by their very definition, are criminals and should be curbed. Many of the gangs in LA are illegal alien gangs from several countries around the world.

Phillips was appointed to the California Central District court by former President Bill Clinton in 1999.

This is what lawless Democrats want for all of us.

The LA riots could soon return.

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