LA Mob infuriated police shot knife-wielder charging police officer (video)


Alex Flores Jr. was out and about in LA waving a blade and threatening at least one bystander on the street. A citizen flagged down the police to tell them what was going on.

The police located the man they later found out was Alex Flores. The sergeant called for back up.

Police officers ran to the location and came upon a dangerous scene.

“Drop the f–king knife!” one officer ordered Flores. “Drop it or you’ll get f–king shot!”

Flores, 34, confronted a civilian with the blade at one point, causing the potential victim to “run away in fear,” KTLA reported. All the while, the officer is trying to get Flores to comply.

Another officer radioed that he was responding with a Taser as police raced towards the harrowing scene, the video showed.

When they arrived with the taser, the officer was trying to hold Flores with a gun.

“Don’t come at me! Don’t’ come at me!” he told Flores, as the suspect began walking in his direction. “Stop!”

That’s when Flores decided to sprint towards him.

As the officer backed away, other officers shot Flores dead.


Vandalized police station. They want ‘juctice’.

An angry mob of about 40 protesters descended on the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Newton Station two days later, demanding “justice” for the suspect, KCBS reported.

They tried to gain entry into the station and failed, but they did manage to vandalize the front doors and outside walls by spray painting phrases such as “KILLER COPS” and “Justice For Alex Flores.”

Dozens of officers dispersed the violent mob, but NO ONE was arrested.

“What message does it send if we let vandals openly damage a police station?” Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL) Director Jamie McBride asked KCBS. “What is to prevent the next group from gaining entry to the station and attacking officers and residents in the lobby? These types of incidents must not be tolerated.”

“People can have the right to have a peaceful protest, but when it turns into a mob mentality, then that creates problems,” McBride added. “Nobody fears going to jail in California. It’s like a free-crime zone.”

Plus, it was only 40 people, not most of LA. Who cares what 40 idiots say. What are the political class afraid of or are they criminals themselves?

Now, the police involved are under investigation although it’s an open and shut case.

Justice was served. Flores can’t kill anyone. Perhaps the police should have let Flores knife a few people to be sure he deserved the final justice, one commenter on the blue lives matter site suggested ironically.

As one commenter wrote on blue lives matter, “Commiefornia is gonna implode someday, overpopulation, high crime, the homeless crisis, high poverty, and drug use, sprinkled with high taxes and anti-gun laws.”




  1. in general, the public is going to deal with this when it finally boils over…these miscreants are going to all have their checks cancelled. soon…

  2. The police should have fired into the mob. They certainly would have been justified. It’s past time to reestablish some standards of acceptable behavior towards authority and law enforcement in particular. Act like a lawless mob and go to the morgue.

  3. another pos illegal off the government freebe’s. What’s not to like. All I have to say is who’s next, keep it going. Permanent deportation, love it!!

  4. Well , the writer failed to mention the biggest cause of all the problems mentioned … millions of ignorant illegal invaders getting all free U.S. tax money , instead of investing in roads and infrastructure ; ” As one commenter wrote on blue lives matter, “Commiefornia is gonna implode someday, overpopulation, high crime, homeless crisis, high poverty and drug use, sprinkled with high taxes and anti gun laws.”

  5. Typical, freeloaders always side with the criminal element. Next time idiots charge a police station, if it gets physical with cops, cops should start shooting.

  6. Justice was served. Comply when ordered to do so, or pay the consequences. What is so hard to understand about this?

  7. How about justice for the police officer who have to live with the fact that he took a man’s life for the rest of his life.
    Enough already with the fake protests!

  8. >An angry mob of about 40 protesters descended on the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Newton Station two days later, demanding “justice” for the suspect, KCBS reported.

    Too late, you dumbC0cksuckers.

  9. Looked like a totally justified use of deadly force. I don’t understand why the hooligans that vandalized the police station were not arrested; they should have been.

  10. Call the police to do some thing, the police do some thing, and the community gets mad because the police did some thing. What the carp?

  11. I am not fond of Law Enforcement these days and I sure don’t have anything for illegals but the cops were completely justified in this case. What were they supposed to do, wait until he cut or stabbed one of them?

  12. I know there are alot of good people in CA, but the only way to stop this criminal enterprise is hit them in the pocketbook. Boycott CA products entirely.

    • With the crime rate and the fires, there may not be much in the way of CA products left on the market.
      If the truckers quit delivering to commiefornia due to new trucking regs, the folks are gonna start attacking the farms to eat. For a while. Then they’ll starve.
      Just sayin’.

  13. When a knife wielding individual is commanded to stop, while several guns are pointed at him, but instead runs at the officer, that’s textbook “suicide by cop.” There was no other valid, logical response. Another “Good guy with gun saves the day” story.

  14. Do any “real people” care that a police officer shot this guy who deserves to be shot? I don’t think so but feel free to keep pushing your CA lawlessness and filth pushing the last remaining working and quality people out of your state. Company after company leave as do the good people. Enjoy your filth.

  15. Forget about the fact that the man was a cop… ANYONE pointing a gun at you telling you to stop moving toward him/her with a knife in your hand but you don’t, what the hell do you expect is going to happen to you?
    This dude deserved to get shot not for being a criminal, but for being an dangerous imbecile.

  16. This incident was covered in the LAPD Critical Incident video titled “Newton Area OIS 11-19-2019 (NRF053-19)” on YouTube. The individual was ordered to stop but charged an armed officer with a knife. What exactly did he expect would happen?

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