La Raza’s Senate Immigration Bill



LaRaza logo with a Communist fist

An Investors Business Daily piece by Stanton Evans has an outstanding summary of what is in the Senate immigration bill. There are things in this bill that I am sure you didn’t know. IS summarized some of Mr. Evans comments here.

The Senate immigration bill was written by LaRaza and policy makers in the White House under the leadership of Cecilia Munoz, a former LaRaza policy adviser.

LaRaza, which means The Race, is an organization dedicated to open borders. They are a radical leftist advocacy group supported by organizations like Media Matters and by our current administration. La Raza is as radical as it gets.

The Gang of Eight  – McCain, Graham, Flake, Rubio, Menendez, Schumer, Durbin, Bennet – allowed this bill to go forward despite the fact that it is unconstitutional.

The 1,100 page bill is unconstitutional because it originated in the Senate and it is a revenue bill. Under our Constitution, revenue bills must originate in the House (origination clause).



There are $300 million dollars worth of slush funds to be spent by left-wing groups like LaRaza on undefined activities. The funds don’t disappear – they continue to grow.

The bill grants “provisional immigrant status” within six months, which is the first step in the path to citizenship. Once the six months are up, all the illegals are on the path to citizenship. That is before one fence post is erected on the border.

It grants citizenship to the children and spouses of illegals (including foster, adopted, step and so on), setting up chain immigration. Many of the children and spouses will be unemployed and poorly educated. It guarantees at least 30 to 40 million new immigrants within the next ten years.

We normally allow 1 million immigrants into the US each year.

The DREAM Act will legalize any alien of any age who says s/he came before the age of 16.

The Blue Card Temporary Visa can become permanent and hasten legalization for future illegals not currently here. It has some limitations which can be altered once the bill is approved.

There is a $50 million dollar fund to assist foreign-speaking illegals working their way through the thicket of fees, appeals, and regulations, all of which can be waived on a case-by-case basis. The groups handling this assistance will be non-profit “immigrant-serving” organizations like LaRaza.

The bill is filled with pork for left-leaning and far-left groups like LaRaza, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, ACORN and so on to serve immigrants and lobby businesses. LaRaza already receives millions in federal dollars even though they are a racialist activist group.

The services we must provide for illegals turned legal are:

• Supplying information to illegals and the public on “the eligibility and benefits of registered provisional immigrant status.”

• Completing application forms and petitions for immigrants, obtaining documents and other relevant data.

• “Applying for any waivers” from restrictions on illegals and qualifying family members.

• Helping individuals seeking to “adjust their status” to permanent residence.

• “Applying for United States citizenship …”

Applicants are allowed to have two convictions for drunk driving, two misdemeanors, felonies pled down to misdemeanors, and any number of arrests. The aliens can counterfeit or alter passports twice and they can sell forged materials used in making passports up to 10 times.

Aliens ordered deported may apply for provisional status to avoid deportation.

While there are exceptions to all of the aforementioned, it is unlikely any of these people will be deported. For instance, once legalized, a twice-convicted drunk driver receiving a third conviction could be deported. Since his family will also be legalized, chances are small that he would be sent back to his native country on family-grounds.

The DHS secretary or an immigration judge can stop deportations on humanitarian grounds such as keeping the family together or simply by saying it is in the public interests.

These provisions will ensure waivers, litigation, and increased illegal immigration. Lawyers will make out.

It will make everyone legal and end the idea of illegal immigration. The US will be an open borders non-nation.

Sanctuary (section 3721) afforded by the bill gives blanket protection. It disallows any law enforcement measures except in an emergency or with written advance permission.

There are no enforcement zones – hospitals, health clinics, schools, organizations helping children, pregnant women or people with disabilities, churches, synagogues and mosques — and any other “sensitive location” later designated by the federal bureaucracy. It will be where the criminals can congregate!

Illegals who are somehow arrested can secure release with provisos in the bill (Section 31715). Detainees who can’t pay bond will be turned over to “secure alternative” providers until a hearing. Those providers will be NGO’s like LaRaza.

The “New Immigrant Council” will receive another $100 million over five years to provide advocacy services to immigrant communities and help immigrants integrate.

An outreach campaign will get another $120 million over three-years.

Read the full story at Investors Business Daily

Marco Rubio tried to convince the US citizens and legal residents that this bill is Conservative. In reality, the bill would take us from De Facto amnesty to full-fledged amnesty and is radical left.

Click this link to witness a typical La Raza protest. This protest was against a politician who voted to ban the racist ethnic studies.