LA Schools Teach Law Breaking, Time to Cut Off Funding


The Los Angeles school board has decided to protect their schools from law enforcement and federal immigration raids through illegal activities, the LA Times reports. It’s a great lesson for the students.

The LA school board will take illegal actions to prevent ICE from entering their schools, even if they have subpoenas for criminals.

No immigration officers will be allowed on campus without clearance from the superintendent of schools, who will consult with district lawyers. Until that happens, they won’t be let in, even if they arrive with a legally valid subpoena.

We have been hearing that a subpoena is all ICE needs to collect their criminals in sanctuary cities.

The LA board is also conducting mandatory training for staff and workshops for families on how to keep immigration authorities away. They are to tell them – law enforcement – simply to keep out.

The unAmerican subversives in the ACLU want it to be a model for the state of California and the nation.

It’s a model for students on disobeying the law. They will generalize and rationalize all laws based on this model.

The school authorities actually blame the U.S. for the people invading across our borders. Humane treatment to them is to allow them to come here illegally and collect our benefits because we caused them to do it.

“The resolution includes language partly blaming U.S. actions for driving people across the border: “Migration to this country is often propelled by social, economic, and political factors and native country conditions, which result partly from U.S. government and corporate policies and interests, and thus immigrants and their families are entitled to compassionate and humane treatment in this country.”

If anything, this is a valid reason to cut off funding to the LA Schools. It’s anarchy in LA.

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