LA Times Boasts of Bernie Sanders’ True Motives for Staying in the Race



Prepare for statism. It’s coming. The useful idiots are lined up and Bernie is their Pied Piper.

Sanders wants to win and stay in the campaign out of respect for his followers but his ultimate goal is ” to build a progressive grass-roots movement and to push the Democratic Party to the left,” the LA Times reported Sunday.

We should be very concerned. Progressives are a combination of Socialists, Communists, and neo-Fascists.

Sanders has succeeded in that goal, the left-wing newspaper stated, adding that “his campaign has reawakened the progressive wing of the Democratic Party and forced Clinton to move leftward on economic issues including Social Security and trade.”

Bernie’s goal is to amass more delegates and their consequent votes to put together the “strongest progressive agenda that any party has ever seen”, Sanders said last month.

Unlike the GOP, the Democrats will unite and Bernie will work day and night to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t win.

Bernie has pulled ahead in votes in West Virginia but it’s doubtful he will get very many delegates given the corrupt Democrat system.

Bernie also wants a Progressive TV station funded by the Democrat Party to compete with Fox. That should go the way of Air America. You say you never heard of Air America? Exactly!

Bernie told Rachel Maddow, “I think we have got to think about ways that the Democratic Party, for a start, starts funding the equivalent of Fox television. Number two, I think that pressure has got to be put on media to say that you know what, maybe as a nation, the American people are entitled to hear real discussions on real issues.”

He wants to corrupt the media more than it already is and he wants it corrupted far-left.

A Cuban-American filmmaker Agustin Blazquez recently discussed his new film on Communist Cuba with The Daily Caller and explained the true nature of Progressivism and of their end goal while comparing it to the Communist takeover of his native country.


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